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Join a soccer match between powerful unique racing cars in Rocket Soccer Derby. Your racing career can get a head start in a new direction regarding a football match. The players competing in this ball game are not people but racing cars. So the battle to score goals between the two sides will become dramatic and occur quickly. A little mistake will also cause your racing opponent to achieve in your net. But you can also hit the balls with your ability to drive and complete first. Enjoy the thrill of competing against racing car rivals in soccer-scoring matches.

You will start your racing journey but with tracks with new circumstances. The way where you join your opponents will now be limited to one space. And those are the football fields where you now join racing rivals. The race between you and them is now not about finishing first but scoring goals. You and your opponents will be divided into two teams with racing cars and start competing. The control of the racing vehicle hitting the ball will help you bring the ball in the direction you need. Team up with your teammates in a futuristic car race and compete against your opponents to score goals.

Rocket Soccer Derby android

Download Rocket Soccer Derby mod – Join your teammates to conquer the scoring car race

The racing journey that you competed in has now changed to a confined space. The former racetrack has now become a large football field divided into two sides. But the race participants still went with their racing cars inside the football field. And the race you compete with other racing car competitors for finance is the ability to score. You and your opponents must find a way to compete for the ball with your racing car and lead into the net. The race to achieve in the ball field between the racers will occur faster and fiercer. Join your racing team on the circular track and win the race car scoring challenge.

Rocket Soccer Derby mod

Special race

Car races have kicked off once again, but the form of racing has changed. A limited battlefield has replaced the extreme track, and that is the ball field. The riders will take turns going inside as the players of each side kick the ball. And the race between the powerful racing cars tests the ability to use the vehicle to score goals. The racing car will push the ball randomly, and the right hands must coordinate to score. You win over the opponent’s racing team when you and the racing team achieve many goals. Take part in a particular motorsport race and find the best-scoring team.

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Scoring arena

You and your racing rivals have moved into the particular racing battlefield. And you and your opponents are divided into two different racing teams with one side of the field. You will have to compete with opponents about the ability to compete for the ball with the racing car you are controlling. Each time the racing car touches the ball, it will fly in a specific direction, and you have to calculate it in advance. There are also racing teammates inside this arena, and let’s combine with them. The ability to win the race will depend on combining the racing cars in the team. Explore the hall to score with racing cars and defeat your opponents with talented teammates.

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Talent tournament

Race your car, and other opponents have been transformed into a particular arena. This is where you will control the racing car and score goals against the opponent’s racing team. But they will use any means to drive their car to steal your ball and score goals. The sports car race on the football field is divided into two teams, and you should cooperate with your teammates. The excellent racing team will overcome all rivals and advance to the talent tournament. The racing journey to score goals has just begun, and you should train with your racing teammates. With your talented teammates, overcome all racing tournaments and rise to higher ranks.

Rocket Soccer Derby mod apk

The talent racing tournament of the future has opened, and the format has completely changed. Now the car races are held on the football field, and the challenge is the ability to score. The racers will steal the balls with their racing cars and try to get them into the net. The scoring arena is where the racers show off their racing and scoring abilities at the same time. The racing team winning the most will be leveled up in the talent tournament. So try to combine with your racing teammates to find a convincing victory. Download Rocket Soccer Derby mod to join the scoring race with your racing cars.

Download Rocket Soccer Derby MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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