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Rebel Inc is an exciting military strategy simulation game released by Ndemic Creations. Prevent large-scale revolts, deal with deadly revolts. Build and stabilize a country heavily ravaged by war. Gain the trust of the people and resist the war for power. Reenacting the tough and fierce battles. Join the war that covers the planet, inspired by modern wars. Players fight against hostile forces, bringing peace to the people. Stabilize the political situation in the regions, develop strategies to prevent rebellions. Destroying the life force of the enemy and ensuring a stable life for the people.

The war ends, but the remnants it leaves affect life a lot. To stabilize the country, to balance the military and the people. Prevent rebellions to take power, get the support of the people. Being the leader to lead the country requires many factors. Authority, leadership ability, trust, a heart of the people. Prepare specific plans and ways to fight. To bring the country to development and stability, commensurate with other countries in the world. Remember, GameDVA has many other great simulation titles like Dragons: Rise of Berk, Bio Inc.

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Download Rebel Inc mod – Restoration of the country after the war

Rebel Inc lets you lead your country to recover from the destruction of war. Build the country’s political stability, make people believe and follow. Help human life more fully, prevent wars broke out. Coordinate with many forces to protect your territory. Simulation game but reproduce the most realistic scene. For you as witnessing everything right there, command and take action. Protect resources and structures on the territory.

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After the war is over, it is time to rebuild your country back to normal stability. Divided into many regions, each place will be ruled by a tribe. Choose your own territory and explore and develop that land. However, it is not easy to do this. Using your own strength is not enough, you have to call for the support of the people. Economic recovery, water source assurance, construction of works and material foundations. At the top of the screen is Stability, which shows a stable indicator. Number of people following you on the left side and vice versa. There is also a reputation index, if you do not have this index, you lose.

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The leader of a country requires many good abilities. You need to choose who can take on the tasks of bringing the country to recovery and development. Some leaders for you can choose from The Economist, The General, Civil Servant, The Banker, The Smuggler. Each option will help you perform different tasks. The General gives you a mighty army, defend your country, against enemy troops. The Economist helps you develop the economy, help your country develop more. Civil Servant is for beginners and not yet capable of helping you with big things. The Banker gives you money to pay and The Smuggler gives you protection against embezzlement.

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Military system

Help you attack the enemy, protect the country from foreign invasions, indispensable for military forces. Many factions revolt against your government. Always rioting and causing difficulties, wanting to sabotage the government. Your credibility will be reduced if you let them sabotage resources. So it is necessary to equip a powerful army to fight them. Stop them from acting. Use a variety of tactics to bring your army to cope with the onslaught of enemies. Bring your army more and more powerful, unite the power to destroy them.

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Rebel Inc lets you master the country, command the military, bring the country up. To recover from the remnants of war, not to sabotage by parties. Get back the support of all people, single-hearted trust in following the leader. Development of the country’s economy and politics is more and more stable. Download Rebel Inc mod to improve lives for people after the war.

Download Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android

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