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Real Steel is a battle of robot warriors, you will play role-playing and create mixed battles. The gameplay is based on the cult movie Dreamworks. Players will be involved in the game mode like the characters they used to love when they are present in the details of the movie. Hugh Jackman and many other hero faces are present in this game. You have already mentally prepared for a war of heroes. Real Steel is actually a bit difficult to reach players because it is a paid game. But now you can download it immediately completely free on There is no need to be good at any cost to experience it.

Real Steel brings you sensational battles between iron and steel machines. Fight against opponents that weigh thousands of pounds and are very tall. This is not like a normal boxing match. It can shake the stands and the cheerleaders below. Your strength is confirmed with each winning match. However, the opponent also has many surprises for the player. Be careful with their attacks if you do not want to lie down on the ring.

Real Steel mod apk

Download Real Steel mod – Battle of Robots

You won’t see much cheering around because the focus has to be on the opponent. Every action creates dangerous situations for you. The secret world and robot fitness competitions will be the main focus. Other than human boxing, parts of a character can be separated when attacked. Real Steel gives you the action that is extremely satisfying. Steel warriors with inherent strength make it easy for players to customize freely. You must master this battle if you do not want to be a loser. Real Steel is open to players who enjoy powerful action modes.

Real Steel mod download

Arena with many game modes

Warriors are involved in the arena with many modes of play such as tournaments, survival. For the first time, Robots have so many options in battles. Real Steel is not boring because you can get the battles you want. Competition or a mortal event is available here. Prepare the robots well before entering the challenging levels.

Real Steel mod android

65+ Robots

Players are selected with a super system Robot up to more than 65 warriors. Full of style and personality, Real Steel allows players to experience warriors of different sizes. Choose the Robot you want to role-play and control. In addition, players also need to prepare a full skill system if you do not want to drop your head or arm in the game screen. Never underestimate competitors even if they are AI. The levels always contain hidden difficulty, giving you a lot of pressure.

Customize Robot

Real Steel allows players to customize to create their own Robot. Change original characters to refresh them with more special images. But what is decisive for the warriors at Real Steel is not flashy looks. If you want to last long enough in the world of these steel fighters, you need a great deal of energy. If not, getting tossed on the field would be a regular occurrence. not sure if it makes you feel pain as a warrior of steel or not? But that’s not what Real Steel players want to get.

Real Steel mod

Real Steel lets you join the battle of steel warriors. Robots are the main characters and they are always ready to wait for your control. Appearance, skills are equipped, now you need to use it in the most appropriate way. Download Real Steel mod that leads you to the boxing tournaments of special metal warriors.

Download Real Steel MOD APK (Unlocked, Unlimited Booster) for Android

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