Download Real Driving School MOD APK 1.8.7 (Unlimited money, unlocked)

Real Driving School MOD APK Infomation

  • Unlimited Gold;
  • Unlocked police sirens on all vehicles (for them to appear, you need to switch to another vehicle after purchasing the vehicle, then select the purchased vehicle again).

If you are not old enough to drive in real life, test drive it in Real Driving School MOD APK. This driving simulation game will guide you from the very basics. Gives you a low level of driving skills and a way to control vehicles in traffic. At the same time, you can also participate in the virtual city in the game. This place has a high population density, so the transportation system is very crowded, and the network is large. Realistic graphics are the first plus when it comes to Real Driving School. Especially cars with shapes that look closest to real life. Popular cars and supercars are taken care of in great detail.

Real Driving School takes you into the world of a vast city. Its scale is large enough to take you around for hours. The theme that this game focuses on is driving. Not racing as you think. Once in the world of Real Driving School, you have to obey the traffic like in real life. This is a driving game that experiences life without any racing elements. If you intentionally exceed the speed limit, you will be fined and have your driver’s license revoked.

Real Driving School mod

Download Real Driving School MOD APK – Practice to control cars fluently

Driving a car in real life is very difficult and takes time to practice and get a license. When in Real Driving School, it will not be so complicated. Since this is just a game, you don’t need to worry about the damage you do. Feel free to use cars to learn how to start and drive them. There will be a lot of driving exercises waiting for you to complete. You will also be tested to get a driver’s license in this game. Of course, that certificate is only valid for use in the game. All methods and ways of controlling cars will be significantly simplified for players to access quickly.

Although there are quite a few buttons, they are not as complicated as a real car. The screen will display virtual keys to assist you in controlling the vehicle. Their design is quite familiar in many racing games. If you have ever played through a racing game, you will immediately know the use of those buttons. The rest have new buttons that show more specific functions such as horn, turn signals, headlight navigation… All of which is necessary for you to use in daily traffic.

Real Driving School mod apk

Drive many luxury cars

Real Driving School provides players with many of the most attractive and luxurious supercars globally. All to serve your driving learning needs. Each has a different price and specifications, just like in real life. The point is that the driving experience of each car for you will be completely different in an indeed another way. The shaping of cars is based on many of the world’s most famous brands. From Ferrari, Lamborghini, Benz… All are luxury brands that are hard to reach outside. Because they are expensive, they have many different ways to control. When driving a brand new car, you need to relearn its basic construction.

Real Driving School mod apk free

Diverse riding modes

When travelling by vehicle in Real Driving School, you must strictly obey traffic regulations. That means we have to stop when there is a red light turn on the turn signal before turning to another road. All valid with the daily operation of the road transport system. Players can choose many modes such as driving in the city, driving in a parking lot, driving test to get a driver’s license… The most interesting is the multiplayer mode, where you will drive with your friends. Learn how to drive a car together. Show off the most expensive and luxurious cars. Experience the most complete and optimal driving experience until you can drive in real life.

Real Driving School mod free

The most realistic damage

What you cause will be counted as total damage, and you will need to compensate. If you don’t obey traffic laws, drive without proper directions. Cases such as running a red light, colliding with other vehicles or crashing into structures are all counted as in-game currency damages. That warns all players to abide by the rules. Reasonably control the vehicle and avoid causing problems and problems. This is also an excellent way to educate children about traffic safety.

Real Driving School free

Real Driving School will provide you with a great environment to learn to drive effectively and quickly. Experience a comfortable and safe space to drive expertly in Real Driving School MOD APK. Drive-in crowded city and obey traffic rules. Practice mastering how to control many different cars.

Download Real Driving School MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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