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Are you tired of the thick novels? Or can you encounter repeating stories in many different novels? Now you want to find something new that still satisfies your passion for reading. Then “Novels. Choose your story ”- a game about simulation according to the novel – will be the perfect choice for you. You will be immersed in the world of fiction filled with love. And here you are the main character. Besides, players are also free to choose their own stories. Find a free life where you can do whatever you want.

Novels. Choose your story opens to players a world of love with many different versions. The game is built in an interactive character language game. This will help you fully grasp the plot. You will own a huge series of diverse content. At the same time, each player will be promoting many of their own skills with many missions. The graphics of the game are quite impressive. The game uses sharp 3D graphics. The images of characters and objects in the game are meticulously designed by the author. The game has gentle and melodious music effects. This helps to keep you mentally at ease while playing. Love Story, House Flipper also easily helps you relieve stress after work with similar gameplay.

Novels Choose your story mod

Download Novels. Choose your story mod – Attractive novel simulation game

In this game, you will discover a lot of different novels. Most of these are touching love stories. In particular, the content of these novels will not follow any pattern. All are stories written based on modern everyday life. From the creation of NPC characters to each word used in the game are meticulously refined by game creators. You have the power to decide and control the flow of the story. You will be involved in interesting and romantic dates. Thus players can learn more from the actual dating experience.

Novels Choose your story mod free

Be skillful in choosing questions

The game has very simple gameplay. The mission is mainly focused on answering questions about interacting with the NPC character and shaping your character. You will perform touch gestures to play. The game is divided into several chapters. In these chapters, you will meet NPC characters and answer the questions they ask. Each question that appears will have 2 to 3 answers for you to choose from. Depending on your wishes, you will give different answers. This could be a gift from a rich guy, in love with a Duchess,… You will go from an unknown person to a celebrity. You can even become a hero.

Novels Choose your story mod download

Beautiful love stories

With the characters and interactive situations that the game offers you, you can write your own beautiful love stories. That could be the adventure story of an adventure, thrilling, dramatic,… Or it can be a tragic and romantic love story. There are 5 pre-programmed stories in the game. All are stories with attractive storylines. You can transform into a beautiful light fairy in the story preparing to marry the king of darkness. Or become a talented historian, a talented screenwriter of Hollywood. Or simply an ordinary student. You are the one who will create story chapters according to your own imagination.

Novels Choose your story mod apk

Your style

With the game’s diverse novel system you will have more styles to experience. The game offers players a huge collection of outfits. Including a lot of clothes, makeup. You can freely shape the character. In each chapter, your character will receive new costumes. The choice of style also has a significant influence on the development of the novel. Players can shape the character to become beautiful and seductive through sexy and sexy dresses. You can also become a celebrity by using cool, expensive costumes,… Character style will help players increase the power in the game.

Novels Choose your story mod android

Novels. Choose your story is a collection of compelling new stories. In this game, you can decide your own destiny. With many different options, you bring different content to the story. The game is designed on the basis of beautiful graphics and great music. At the same time, the game also has an extremely easy way to play. You will be comfortably entertained for hours with tasks that appear continuously in each chapter. Download Novels. Choose your story mod develops self-style and has interesting dates.

Download Novels. Choose your story MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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