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Challenge your survival in battles against a world of monsters in My Real RPG. You will witness the struggle between angelic warriors and evil forces. They are two opposing forces and will stop only if one side wins. You love the style of angels and will accompany them in the world of evil. This is the area of the dark forces, so that you will encounter many monster enemies. But help from angels will help you go deeper and explore the land through combat. Bravely go into the evil land of survival and go on a journey of battle and discovery.

The two forces of evil and angels are constantly at odds with each other in every situation. And any party that invades the enemy’s territory will have to pay a heavy price. But going into each other’s territory allows the members to get to know each other well. So the angels always find a way to enter the land of the devil to explore and vice versa. And in this fiercely contested world, you will have the opportunity to accompany the angel warrior. She will enter the witness of the devil and use war to forge herself. Together with the angel, use the divine power to adventure in the devil’s land.

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Download My Real RPG mod – Win the battle against evil forces

You have become a companion with the angel to embark on the devil’s land to explore. Her enemies from birth were destined to be demonic monsters. Therefore, she always trains her strength to face all dark enemies. However, the opportunity to fight only comes when the angel girl enters the land of the devil. There will be many dark enemies here, and she must use her angelic powers to fight. And during the journey, you will help the angel warrior to explore the evil land. Join the wars in the hostile land and complete the mission to explore this place.

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Wish to fight

An angel warrior always lives safely and wants to learn his opposing forces. Despite living safely, she did not have the opportunity to make a journey of discovery. So she yearns to enter the lands that are said to be the birthplace of the evilest demons. And she was finally granted her wish to explore when she received the order. Heaven allows her to enter the darkest lands and carry out combat. This is an opportunity for the female angel warrior to discover and show her heroic power. Satisfy the angel girl’s desire to fight by entering the land of the cruel demons.

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Real journey

The angel girl always considers the forces born from the darkness as the enemy she must destroy. And she always trains her strength in a holy environment to grow stronger. But that safe period wasn’t the real challenge when she couldn’t fight. So the girl with angelic power decided to challenge the demonic lands. She wanted to prove her strength against monsters born in the land of demons. And compared to the time she spent training in the land of angels, this is the actual journey. Accompany the angel warrior with weapons in hand and confront the forces of evil.

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You have joined her with angelic powers to start her true journey of discovery. The place you enter is the land of the birth of evil, which is the challenge you and her face. The battles with the evil forces will help you gain experience against the devil. And the time spent travelling around the land of monsters will give you much exploration experience. However, you must practice that ability during the battle against the devil. Only when defeating them, will the angel warrior show his strength. Travel across the land of demons and use your exploration to help the angel warrior.

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The land of demons is always the best training ground for angels to show their strength. This place is also because it initially became the place for the angels to fight the monsters. And a female warrior of heaven was satisfied to fight when she entered the dark land. That’s where you will join the angel to face the challenge of the evil enemy. You will also help the angel warrior begin his true journey against monsters. And the success of defeating the devil will help her gain combat experience. Download My Real RPG mod to use the goddess’s power to explore the land of demons.

Download My Real RPG MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers/God mode) for Android

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