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Sometimes you feel overweight and want to get rid of your weight. Perhaps the fitness methods will be the most logical choice for you to aim for. And Muscle Rush will support you in the process of losing weight on the largest scale ever. Of course, this is just a weight loss simulation game. The obligation to lose weight still depends on your will and perseverance. And now, back to this fun weight loss game. I will take you from being overweight to toned and attractive like never before. Only in-game, of course.

You and many different players will be dropped on a special running track. The place will have different obstacles that you need to overcome. The key is to use the strength of your excess weight. The power supply on the run appears continuously. Then remove the obstacles and go to the finish line to see your results. Somehow you will know how many points you have and whether it is the highest score or not.

Muscle Rush mod

Download Muscle Rush mod – Perform the most amazing weight loss

Simply a funny and light entertainment game. You will adventure with your own character on his weight loss journey. Move the character on the track with your finger. Move around the narrow and short road, collect many energy tubes to refill the body fat. If you don’t collect them then you know what will happen. Obstacles will appear blocking your run. And depending on certain materials, you must use your power to destroy them. Consumes more or less energy.

After passing all the obstacles of that run. You will have to jump a spring mattress to be able to bounce to a certain position. The height you reach will depend on your weight. Of course, if you are toned, you will be able to jump very high. Compared to obesity and even just standing still. So the ultimate mission is to be as light as possible. It doesn’t have to be as light as a stick, just light and firm enough to hit your top score.

Muscle Rush mod apk

Reserve enough energy to overcome the challenge

The energy tanks that I talked about at the beginning. They have the effect of creating fat and making you bulkier. Especially rare items like keys to exchange for a certain amount. Use that money to upgrade your muscles. Empower your fists to easily destroy obstacles. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s completely true. And this power is also extremely important when not letting you be stopped at an obstacle. Which can blatantly destroy and overcome brick, glass, reinforced concrete walls…

Muscle Rush mod mod

Exciting intermittent arm wrestling

On the road where you have to run, sometimes there will be opponents to prepare arm wrestling with you. This is also one of the challenges that you have to overcome. A muscular old woman or alien. Any creature can defy you uncomfortably. The gameplay is very simple, press continuously on the screen for the character to gain the advantage with the strength bar. When the opponent’s bar is all reduced, it means you win and can continue to lose weight. If you lose, be prepared to discard any of your records.

Muscle Rush mod apk free

Lose weight with any character

Lose weight with your favorite superheroes, famous or creative characters. It’s completely possible, even according to whatever you like. By character selection at the start of each race. Different looks also give a very beautiful and attractive toned body. Completing many missions and milestones will unlock more beautiful characters. You will lose weight with Hulk, Batman, WWE wrestler, and many other attractive characters. Located in the store and gift packages for you to own anytime there is interest.

Muscle Rush mod free

Muscle Rush covers the weight loss journey in many different stages. From absorbing to becoming obese, then running to lose weight and overcome obstacles. Finally, reach the finish line to challenge your achievements. The game is also a word of encouragement from the publisher. Those gamers shouldn’t sit around and play games too much. Get up and exercise regularly every day to reduce the risk of obesity. Join Muscle Rush to make every weight loss more fun than ever.

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