Download Mathmages MOD APK 3.0.11 (Weak Enemy/Onehit)

Join an exciting puzzle-solving adventure game involving intelligent math that will appeal to puzzle and adventure game enthusiasts. Mathmages was born to bring the most fun and entertainment to the players. Solving simple puzzles or adventuring to new lands is a thing of the past. We will have a thrilling, novel game combining those two strange elements. The publisher wants to give players a game where players can use all the power of their super brain to adventure in the magical virtual world. And from there, Mathmages was brought into video game stores for players. Develop intelligent logic with top-notch mathematical thinking abilities.

Do not hesitate to solve all the game’s most challenging questions and puzzles. We are always looking for the highest possible challenge to solve—adventure through desirable Mathmages game levels for players. Explore and learn puzzle methods combined with the use of magic. As bold as a classic RPG game with simple graphics and sound without fuss. Promises to bring the game players the most enjoyable experience possible. What’s more fun than a game that combines both education and adventure magic into the game?


Download Mathmages – Role Playing and Puzzle Mathmages

Magic and math puzzles enhance the logic of the player’s top-notch intelligence. The top turn-based tactical calculation gameplay in the game world. Add the most powerful skills to the characters in this exciting Mathmages game. Always play the funniest fun challenges the game can bring players. The player is given a mission and a mission to save Tabu’Ada from the terrible Somarum. Try to overcome all kinds of new and different challenges at the levels. First, ront all powerful enemies using magic spells that deal psychological damage. Following the levels are adventures all over the game world. Mathmages brings excitement around the abilities of intelligent, logical thinking in the stories.

Mathmages mod

Smart math element

Immerse yourself in the magical kingdom that also has clever math and logic. Mathmages is an entertaining game that brings math puzzles into open-world magical adventures. Players can solve the most exciting and exciting mathematical logic puzzles. Not just dry numbers on math tests. It’s trick puzzles that require brainstorming by game enthusiasts. Thinking of finding a real trick is as logical and clever as possible with the game. Make things fun with math and numbers trivia. Players who don’t like math and numbers can also jump into this game. Not afraid to be dazzled by numbers or math but also highly entertaining.

Mathmages mod apk

Unlock spell skills

Magic is the guide in this exciting game of Mathmages players. Learn and unlock all the most potent spell-related skill powers. Collect new things related to skills through levels. Magical skills will help players gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Adventures always have enemies waiting for the game players. Fight and gain more power from different types of magical combat skills. Each skill type will have a unique function and energy separate from the others. Choose and upgrade using all kinds of reasonable skills depending on the specific situation. The powerful destructive attack reduces the opponent’s health to zero. Meditate and restore the initial loss of health with the healing skill.

Mathmages mod apk free

World Tabu’Aoa

Enter a magical open-world Tabu Aoa for combat adventure. Through challenging brainstorming strategies to solve math puzzles. Travel everywhere to conquer and explore new lands. Each trip is an experience and a valuable lesson. The players are challenged with adventures in the game levels. A vast world awaits the game players in the game Mathmages.

Mathmages mod android

Challenge your intelligence in exciting Mathmages MODs—the exhilarating feeling when experiencing the combination of math puzzles and adventure magic. Use turn-based attacks and engaging RPG gameplay. The map system, characters, skills, and mysteries of the game are extensive and open. Download Mathmages mod to join the tactical magic kingdom fighting with the mission to save Tabu’Ada from the terrible Somarum.

Download Mathmages MOD APK (Weak Enemy/Onehit) for Android

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