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Start your work in the royal palace and build your life in Love Royale. You will experience and discover royal life when starting a management job. Your job is to manage all the palace’s communication activities, which is a rare opportunity. You will proceed to collect stories inside the castle and propagate them outside. Thanks to that, you will be exposed to the most secret things about the life of the royal generation. And the stories you come into contact with at the palace can change your whole life. Learn the stories in the royal palace and discover what happens inside.

The reign of the British royal family has consistently continued, with many generations living in the same palace. This is the work that the monarchy left behind and is still extended in the direction of transmission. And you can already enter this royal palace as a curator. The activity you undertake in the court is to find out the activities of the people. The generations in the palace will communicate with each other, and you aim to uncover the stories. All the activities of the palace became attractive to social news collectors. You have become the new bridge of the royal palace and enjoy the advantage.

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Download Love Royale mod – Discover life inside the royal palace

You will become a collector of stories of the royal generation inside the palace. This place is the palace left by the monarchy and continues to last for the heir. And now you are a member of the royal world as a news collector. The interactions between the royal generation will bring new stories and secrets. However, you are the first to know and can use it to your advantage. If you use the news well, you will reach deeper into royal life and fall in love. Become the most critical link in the communication system between the members of the palace.

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Explore the palace

The opportunity to witness the work of the monarchy becomes a reality when you become a manager. It is the royal palace, and you can enjoy being surrounded by riches. You can walk around the palace grounds and admire the beautiful palace buildings. In addition to exploring the palace architecture, you will also get access to the life inside. That is the purpose when you become the manager of the social side of royal life. The stories in it will not be inferior to the fascinating constructions built. Explore the palace so that you own all the information of the media channel of royal life.

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Royal secret

You can get access to a lot of interpersonal stories living inside the palace. And as the social manager, you can keep a record of their communication. It could be intergenerational rumours that could shock the outside society. Or it could be disagreements between royal family members over choosing their side. All news can pass through your hands; all you need to do is spread the word outside. Many people will seek information about the royal family, and you should collect a lot. Uncover the mysteries of the royal family through your channel.

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Royal love

Your goal is to gather information about royal life and bring it out. And to do that, you need to reach out to many members living in the palace. You can dress impressively for those around you to create more attraction when communicating. That helps you build a good image in the eyes of people who constantly live prosperous life. And if you are lucky, you can win the love of the girls of the royal generation. But first, you need to build relationships and expand your reach. Start your royal love from your relationships while living in the royal palace.

Love Royale mod apk

Your royal life has begun along with the generations living inside the palace. However, you are also just an information manager and are still unappreciated. So it would be best to raise your royal status by communicating. The information you get during the chat will be the premise for you to continue to develop your position. You can also use them to access royal secrets between members. And in your royal quest, you can find your royal love. Download Love Royale mod to discover the royal world story through chats.

Download Love Royale MOD APK (Unlimited money/Tickets) for Android

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