Download Infinite Flight MOD APK 22.8.1 (Unlocked all)

Infinite Flight MOD APK Infomation

V1: Almost all aircraft are unlocked, except for:

  • Airbus A350
  • Bombardier CRJ-1000
  • Bombardier CRJ-700
  • Bombardier CRJ-900
  • Daher TBM-930
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-10
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-10F
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

V2: Unlocked all.

Flying is usually only for those with enough experience and training. But with Infinite Flight, you can easily realize your dreams. Control an airplane yourself to immerse yourself in the vast blue sky. Enjoy the great feeling of being in a modern cockpit. Manually do the necessary operations a pilot usually does when making a flight. Flying into the air has never been so simple.

Descriptive games are often created to describe a particular job. Infinite Flight was also created by developer Infinite Flight LLC with a similar purpose. With great 3D graphics, everything the game has is true to every detail. Everything is made for you to interact and explore according to your interests. All the sounds are also integrated as if it were really like being there. Learn this new and necessary knowledge for yourself.

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Download Infinite Flight mod – Make the most successful flights

With the passion for becoming a pilot, you can absolutely do it. Infinite Flight will allow you to operate an aircraft that is simulated with 99% accuracy. The game’s system will guide you specifically to complete it. There are many different operations, such as choosing a route, taking off the plane. During the flight, you also have to raise and lower the altitude appropriately not to lose balance. If you are still confused and do not know how to control all those complicated things, don’t worry. Fly high into the sky and admire the breathtaking sights like never before. Practice a lot to become more proficient as a professional pilot.

There will be a co-pilot sitting next to you if flying large aircraft. They will give you a few notes or assist you in the process of controlling the aircraft. The presence of this person will also save you part of the complicated operations. All it takes is order, and everything will be done immediately. Don’t be too stressed, and calm will help you handle things well.

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Realistic atmosphere

Not only the control system but also the weather and the scene must be realistic. From the rays of the sun to the color and shape of the clouds are also very beautiful. There will be times when the weather is favorable with blue skies and everything mild. But sometimes storms come, and you will struggle in the most extreme circumstances—experience all different weather situations to gain more useful experiences for yourself. Day and night time are also integrated, making everything more realistic. Enjoy the beautiful scenery created by high technology. Being a pilot also has its hard times, but being in the air is something you won’t regret.

Infinite Flight mod apk

Play with others

In this big world, you can completely communicate with other people. Choose multiplayer mode, and you will be taken to a waiting room with random players. Together they coordinate complex maneuvers to create a perfect flight. This will help you improve some of your skills. Enhance community spirit and exchange valuable experiences. Thousands of players from all over the world will give you a warm welcome. Create a large community of players with exciting gaming moments. Flights bring you and everyone closer together than ever before.

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Various types of aircraft

Many different types of aircraft are simulated and included by Infinite Flight for you to experience. They come from world-famous civil airlines like Delta Air Lines, United Airlines Holdings, or even a private airline like Vietjet Air. Military fighters are also present here with modern designs from the US, Russia, or Germany. If you want to be lighter, you can look for small helicopters. Each type of aircraft has a different driving style and maneuver to launch. Try them all out and find your favorite aircraft.

There is a large gym for you to practice and gain experience for yourself. Maybe practice different launch maneuvers or use a new type of aircraft. Setting aside some time each day will help you grow faster. Automatically remember everything, so you don’t miss any important steps. Activate the self-flying mode of some built-in modern aircraft. Adjust the viewing angles from the cockpit to the outside to see everything easily. Take your Infinite Flight mod experience to the next level.

Download Infinite Flight MOD APK (Unlocked all) for Android

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