Download Idle Construction 3D MOD APK 2.18 (Unlimited money)

Idle Construction 3D released by Green Panda Games is in an attractive strategy genre. Allows players to build buildings according to a diverse system of levels. Idle Construction 3D MOD APK is the waiting version because with unlimited diamond feature you can do everything you want in this game. Becoming a tycoon possessing a beautiful setting built by yourself, are you ambitious big enough? Speeding up the work is the main task that needs to be completed in each challenge. With the main design available combined with your own decoration, create a dreamy setting in the heart of the city in the most impressive way.

Hardworking workers always obey instructions from players immediately. However you need to upgrade the index through the amount of money (Coins). The higher the level, the greater the fee for an upgrade. Do not neglect this important work, you will see a rapid change in the speed of work of the workers. Put more trees and grass around the building you are building to add more natural atmosphere. Do not forget that receiving the bonus promptly upgrades the necessary functions.


Idle Construction 3D mod

Idle Construction 3D MOD APK – Build your magnificent building

Idle Construction 3D lets you become familiar with time management, how to make your work more efficient. Through each screen you will understand how to use the time more appropriately, apply it to fulfill the requirements of the game. Patiently waiting until the building is completed, players can also dial a number to receive gifts or follow the suggestions given while playing. Continuous clicking on the screen increases the worker’s speed, but not everyone pays attention to this function.

Beautiful image design, close

With graphic design in a natural direction, Idle Construction 3D brings a sense of closeness to the player. View of vehicles, trees around do not make you feel tedious, everything is moving very bustling. Extremely diverse colors make the building more prominent in the heart of the city center. There are all kinds of good support so you should always try to own a different building chain.

Diverse levels, many challenges

The level system will make you think infinite. That was my first thought when playing Idle Construction 3D, maybe a series of challenges is not easy waiting for players. But that is the point that anyone wants to conquer it. In short, the gameplay is just building a building but each level is a completely different design.

Complete materials for the construction

Never having to worry about the lack of materials, trucks are always there. You only work for the carrier and work. Especially, there is no need to care about price. The only problem to note is that the indexes need to be upgraded.

Idle Construction 3D MOD’s function

  • Unlimited diamonds throughout the game.
  • To convert to gold, you need to click on the plus sign and change from diamond to gold.
  • Upgrade upgrades Earning, Speed, Worker to accelerate progress.


Idle Construction 3D apk download


Download Idle Construction 3D MOD (Unlimited Money)

Having a large amount of money through the MOD version from GameDVA, you can easily build any building. In a much shorter time than other players, your achievement is always superior. Download Idle Construction 3D MOD to start the construction work in your spare time.

Download Idle Construction 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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