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Idle Arks: Build at Sea with global climate change taking place based on reality. Everywhere gradually flooded, players need to plan for the construction of houses right above the water. Disaster happens is something no one wants but in Idle Arks it is a challenge that you need to overcome. Standing up to strong storms and waves is a way to grow older. Nature offers mankind many things, due to the rapid development of industrialization, it has seriously affected the environment. Idle Arks allows players to adapt to new life. Do all you can to survive. The structures on the water will gradually make you feel familiar.

All around you is water, it is no different from the ocean. Collect lumber floating on the water to build a temporary shelter. The gameplay of Idle Arks is really interesting. Things seemingly garbage in the ocean, but you can easily take advantage of them to build a beautiful house. Players need to pay attention to the durability of the house, ensuring that it can survive storms or strong waves.
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Download Idle Arks MOD – New life at sea

The character has an excellent swimming ability, but you know it can only help in the short term. You can’t swim all day, so building a house always comes first. The passing floods left people with many losses in both property and lives. Sometimes we just have to adapt to the toughest conditions. Idle Arks still gives you the chance to live, but for now, you may need to accept to work a little harder. The house is built on square wooden blocks. With the advantage of light paralysis, it is able to float on the water.

Create your own squad

Players are still among the lucky ones. There are practically many people drowning everywhere. During this journey, you will save them, and then we will add new members. Construction planning can be accelerated when resources are sufficiently strong. In fact, I don’t know whether to call the buildings that players build in Idle Arks are houses or boats. Recruit more members by saving them. Most of the survivors are of the Viking tribe, they will repay you well.

Idle Arks mod apk

Explore new places

Going to new lands with many interesting points, players gradually improve their survival skills anywhere. Of course, each new location always has challenges for you to experience different. Complete your quests one by one to continue to unlock places with more new things.

Collect all kinds of animals

In addition to humans, animals were also in distress. If you see any animals alive, save them. Players can earn money from the exploitation of animals. For example, when you save chickens, you will be able to harvest eggs from them. Idle Arks opens up a new life for people in the context of serious destruction of nature.

Idle Arks mod download

When the water flooded everywhere, the land was almost wiped out, making life worse. Now is the time to adapt to everything that is going on. Use floating pieces of wood on the water to stay alive and many other quests await you. The player is the savior of the less fortunate as well as the animals. Downloading Idle Arks mod creates a new life on the water with many interesting discoveries.

Download Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android

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