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How will you deal with the attack from around? If there are many targets to destroy you from all sides, with a bow and arrow, will you make it through? Experience being a super archer with Idle Archer. In the game, with the context alone, you have to fend off many attacks. The tower and the kingdom are what you must defend to the end. The ability to shoot archery quickly and accurately should be used to the maximum. Have you ever seen yourself when a barrage of attacks attacked you? Will you have enough composure, and steel will take down your enemies? The strategic archery experience from Idle Archer is well worth your while.

Your kingdom and small tower are under constant attack. In a world full of magic, monsters and giant spiders will find their way to you. Unlike other games that only need one-on-one, you will have to defeat enemies on all sides. You hit the enemy in front and must be careful of the enemy from behind. They all have a lot of power, making it extremely difficult for you to defeat. Idle Archer does not direct you to shoot archery indiscriminately. Find a clever strategy to defeat the monster as quickly as possible without wasting effort. You must conquer the quest to defeat dozens of vast and dangerous monsters. Try your hand in the situation of being attacked around.

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Download Idle Archer mod – Archery challenge

The mission to protect your kingdom will be put first. Coming to Idle Archer, your position is standing on a tower. Be determined to preserve these towers to the end. It is like your property and the soul of your kingdom. The interface in this game is straightforward, but it attracts many players. You will have moments of archery at the enemy full of breath. Your speed and accuracy must be extremely high. Turn around skillfully and in time to avoid being attacked from behind. You get more towers after each turn. They can combine to form a solid place to protect you. Is your prosperous kingdom secure? Use all your abilities and bravery to fight!

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Strategic archery

Archers often have to learn the technique of aiming. In Idle Archer, you have a lot of skills to develop. Encircling enemies with a relatively large number will make you dizzy, and it would help if you had a plan for using your weapons. Let’s learn which types of bows will promote the most features. You also have to take advantage of creating your towers through each round. The alignment of the buildings will give you a solid fortress. Each type of tower you must hold through each turn will have different characteristics. They are also a factor for you to carefully calculate your archery strategy so as not to destroy the tower.

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Upgrade many skill cards

You need to improve your archery through the rounds continuously. Don’t forget to collect a lot of skill cards. This is the key for you to preserve your life for the next matches. The more skill cards you order, the more attack and defense power you have. The number of monsters also can’t make it harder for you. There are many gold coins that you can collect after each battle. They all increase your power and many other perks when fighting in the next round. You can be destroyed from all sides. But Idle Archer still allows you to return to continue fighting. Be more careful and have good shots.

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Experience the fun space

With a simple archery theme, Idle Archer is not too picky in the story content. You need to complete the quest to defeat evil enemies. The cute and petite character always wears a colorful bow. Small things carry big missions. You will control the surface in a highly diverse space. You can stand proudly on the tower in the middle of the green forest. Sometimes you’re engrossed in archery against bright, motivating backgrounds. The monster names are different and also covered in color. Eye-catching visual effects and colors from Idle Archer are the scoring factors. The opportunity to experience archery is now closer and more straightforward than ever!

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Are you ready for the enormous task on your shoulders? Hundreds of ferocious monsters will soon be destroyed under your bows and arrows. Take control of the sly little character to protect the kingdom now! Concrete towers are created and protected by you to the end. You will have accurate and agile archery strategies and arrows. Download Idle Archer mod to experience super strategic archery and defeat hundreds of fearsome monsters.

Download Idle Archer MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit) for Android

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