Download Full Battery & Theft Alarm MOD APK 5.7.6r443 (Pro unlocked)

It can be said that most people do not care about the health of their electronic devices. Every electronic device requires a considerable amount of money to own, and the amount spent on repair in the shop is not cheap. We have to spend a lot of money on electronic devices, but most of the causes of their failure come from the user’s subjectivity. A lot of users until now still don’t know how to charge the battery correctly. Not knowing how to charge the battery will quickly make the user’s device degraded, so today, let the Full Battery & Theft Alarm application assist users in charging the battery of electric machines. Death!

Charging the device seems as simple as plugging in the charger and waiting until it is fully charged, but it’s much more complicated than users think. Therefore, proper charging is essential to reduce risks and prolong the life of electronic devices. Once the electronic devices are noticed and cared for carefully, users will not have to spend much money on repairs.

Full Battery Theft Alarm mod android free

Download Full Battery & Theft Alarm mod – Experience proper battery charging and device security

Full Battery & Theft Alarm is an application that can help users check the current battery status of their electronic device and support the charging process so that it does not happen. Whatever problem. The application’s interior space is designed scientifically and intelligently so all users can easily use it. Full Battery & Theft Alarm will always notify users in time so that users know when their device needs to be charged and when to disconnect the power source. The notification is also quite interesting when users can customize it to their liking, choose the use mode and available sound or add the music that the user loves.

Full Battery Theft Alarm mod

Notification of battery status and when fully charged

Full Battery & Theft Alarm is a device capable of accurately analyzing the user’s battery status and calculating when the battery will be fully charged. Just install this application, and users will know the current status of the device’s battery and how long it takes to charge it fully. It will check the battery life of each application in the machine to give the most detailed graph to the user. Thanks to that, users will know which applications harm their device’s battery and can promptly handle it to prevent this situation. Full Battery & Theft Alarm will still work continuously in sleep mode when the device is being charged. When the battery capacity reaches its maximum, it will notify the user to stop blaming the device.

Full Battery Theft Alarm mod apk free

Support to protect device battery health

After Full Battery & Theft Alarm scans and understands the battery status of the user’s device, this application will bring many features to help users protect the battery’s health. It can automatically disconnect from the power source when it finds the device is fully charged, even if the user is busy with work and does not have time to unplug the charger. It also searches and detects applications running in the background to turn off, making the charging process faster. Users can also schedule device charging in this application so that it automatically disconnects anytime the user wants. Full Battery & Theft Alarm will clean up all harmful agents to the device’s battery, thereby reducing the problem and burden on the battery while increasing the battery life.

Full Battery Theft Alarm mod android

Anti-theft mode

Not only does the charging process of the device become smoother, but Full Battery & Theft Alarm also helps users secure their device if it is accidentally dropped or stolen. This application allows users to access a website and monitor their devices remotely. With a Full Battery & Theft Alarm, the user’s device will have an extra layer of sturdy armour. Just activate the security mode, and this application will immediately issue a password to prevent the bad guys from entering the user’s device and send a notification as well as the location of the thief so that the user can find the device in the shortest time. With Full Battery & Theft Alarm’s intelligent and modern security system, users’ devices will be safe.

Full Battery Theft Alarm mod apk

Download Full Battery & Theft Alarm mod that monitors your device’s battery status, improves battery quality daily, and controls your device remotely.

Download Full Battery & Theft Alarm MOD APK (Pro unlocked) for Android

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