Download Free Fire MOD APK 1.97.1 (Menu/Auto headshot/Antiban)

Garena Free Fire MOD APK Infomation

You install the APK then install the Tools Menu to enjoy the mod!

Mod menu

  1. Auto aim
  2. Shoot while aiming
  3. Lock Aim
  4. Quick shot
  5. Watch while dancing
  6. Shoot while underwater
  7. Can be destroyed in the lobby
  8. Ghost mode
  9. Telekill

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game developed by Garena with over 500 million downloads. In the fateful flight, you must be the last survivor. All players meet in one location, now you have to find your own way to live. You do not have allies in Free Fire, everything must decide for yourself. From the moment of skydiving, you have participated in the fierce battle. Free Fire is like the single-player mode of a shooter, it’s only for brave gunmen. However, you also need to be smart enough in every operation from moving. The enemy could be in any position you didn’t expect.

Connecting players from everywhere, Free Fire gives players the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Fighting skills are what you improve when exposed to countless gunners around the globe. Combined with the practice, your level is not much but advanced to another level. Unlike other action games, in front of dozens of opponents, you only win absolutely when you are the last survivor. The challenge is tough but it helps to classify the player level most clearly. In 50-player mode at the same time, you cannot lose concentration. Free Fire mod with auto-firing function helps players kill enemies faster. Experience it now and share it with your friends!

Free Fire mod

Free Fife mod version

You need to follow the instructions to install Free Fire Mod Menu OB27.

  • Auto Headshot.
  • Aim when Fire.
  • Aim when Aim.
  • Aim when Crouch.
  • Headshot Rate.
  • Aim FOV.
  • Senstivity.

— ESP Hack–

  • ESP Line.
  • ESP Distance.
  • Fake user name.

— Misc Hack —

  • Delete Reports.
  • Reset Guest ID.

— Player Hack —

  • White bodies.
  • Remove Scope.
  • Medkit Running.
  • Speed running.
  • Rapid Punch 2X.
  • AIM + Movement.

— Map Hack —

  • Teleport Kill.
  • Ghost Hack V3.
  • Night Sky Mode.
  • Far Camera.
  • HD graphics mode.
  • Wallhack V3 Fix.

Free Fire mod free

Guide to mod full Skin Free Fire (V2 – Vietnam)

If you want to mod Skin Free Fire, you need to perform some simple steps yourself. This is the step-by-step video that successfully modded the Skin, please follow the video and do exactly like that.

Download Free Fire MOD – The battle for survival

In addition to the remaining 49 people, you need to pay attention to one more factor, which is the safety zone. The range of the safety zone is not fixed, if you step outside that boundary the HP will decrease until death. Although the map in the game Free Fire is very wide, when moving, pay attention to this. The first time I played, I had to stop that stage because I stepped out of my comfort zone. Discover Free Fire, a game not to be missed if you like action gameplay. PUBG is also the choice of many players, have you heard about this game yet? Besides, you can refer to a few other names worth experimenting with such as World War Heroes, Special Forces Group 2.

29+ characters

There aren’t too many characters to the point of swiping the screen, but with the current number of characters, you can choose. Adam and Eve are the default characters, which you can change for free. In addition, Free Fire also has some outstanding names such as Kapella, Steffie, Jota, Norota … Click on each character to see detailed highlights, then you will easily choose at will. This makes it difficult for the opponent to catch you if they are not a loyal fan of this game.

Free Fire mod download

Shop with many choices

Guess what you can do when you visit a Free Fire store? Besides the suggestion that is the most popular trend here, players can easily upgrade everything immediately. Characters, Weapons, Boxes, Gifts, Redeem … you choose the function you need. If you want to change the fashion style for the gunner, buy assistants, own the whole package … players also perform in the Shop too. Of course, when deciding to come here you have to spend quite a lot of it.

Rotation luck

Luck can help players receive diamonds, weapons, gold, crafted in this feature. Particularly with the golden wheel, every day you will receive 1 free spin (24h from the time of recording). This is also a place that consumes a lot of money for gamers but in return is the opportunity to receive rare items.


No allies but you have the right to find your own assistant. They are pet-like but have incredible powers. Choose an assistant with action, skills, Skin as you like. On the battlefield, players are no longer alone.


Where to store things like Parachutes, Backpacks, Surfboards, Action, Weapons … Here you can easily view all your current equipment. This is a new feature that was updated not too long ago from Garena.

Free Fire mod android

Free Fire also has many other basic functions like a closet, where you organize or search for your things. The battle for survival has always been a hot topic for publishers to exploit. However, this is considered a pioneering game with many highlights. Mini Militia is a fun action game with millions of players, you can try it out. Download Free Fire MOD APK you need to be stronger in the fight, do not tolerate anyone.

Download Garena Free Fire MOD APK (Menu, Auto headshot/Aim Assist/Antiban) for Android

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