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Depending on the specific storyline, each role-playing game will have its own appeal. It is not possible to measure the number of players as a standard to evaluate the good of a game. If you want a deeper understanding then try Exos Heroes. The game has a familiar theme of magic, mythology, and turn-based fighting. However, the compelling storyline is its most impressive feature. Only when exploring directly can players feel. It will certainly be extremely deep and no different from today’s famous blockbusters.

Unlike a lot of games currently on the market. Exos Heroes has just owned a turn-based battle mode on 3D graphics. There’s just a storyline that is quite engaging and worth looking into. When it was launched, it was very warmly received in many countries. There must be avid fans and a passion for Anime. An art form that has become an integral part of the country of the rising sun – Japan.

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Download Exos Heroes – Find the legendary ancient ship

Enter a strange fantasy world. Play as a young adventurer, on a journey to find the legendary Airship. Hidden in ancient architecture and ruins. Before that, let’s go back to the past. With him through various events and obstacles. Explore the ancient city where we will do everything in it. Fight against the evil forces that are intending to invade the ship. Along with the secret of Exestuk, a legendary sword has gone missing. Then there’s the buried secret of the long-extinct ancient dragon’s grave.

Follow the warriors that you collect on your journey. Battle in turn-based 3D matches. Each person has 3 to 4 different skills. Can cast special skills when a certain limit is reached. However, it is necessary to build the most reasonable and smart strategy. Aim for quick victory and advance to the more climactic parts of Exos Heroes. Traverse the lands, meet many warriors, and fend off enemies with malicious plots.

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As commander of the ship

After controlling the legendary Airship. You will become the owner of it, along with a lot of work to do. On this journey, we will encounter treasure hunter Zeon and the spirit Bitru. Add those 2 characters to the squadron to adventure around the world. As you go through many different places, you will also meet many other special characters. Unlock new storylines and features, and even recruit them to be your teammates right away. Our team will have more powerful warriors, along with the most anticipated stories that need to be unraveled.

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The most realistic matches

The combat system in Exos Heroes is much improved compared to other turn-based games. Instead of crude and simple movements of the character. Players will be able to witness the animation of moving, attacking, dodging, and knocking down extremely beautifully. It’s more like watching a movie than playing a game. Moreover, skills are also clearly shown in their properties. A variety of strategies are needed to adapt to different situations. This depends on the individual player how to arrange teammates in a match.

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Weapons are not too complicated

Weapons will be divided into many different types. Each type matches a trait of that warrior. It is necessary to equip and upgrade properly so that the warrior can promote his strength effectively. Besides, the effects brought by each set of equipment will also make the members increase in strength. You can find them in many different levels or locations and events. When paired into a set, the stats will be greatly increased.

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Events that are continuous through time

Events are also quite an interesting part here. When you are registered to receive many great rewards. Play many interesting and attractive modes. Sometimes many players stick with Exos Heroes for a long enough period of time. Will receive gratitude gifts and many incentives for attractive expansion packs. Therefore, it will be difficult for players to give up this journey. When the game always knows how to keep everyone stable with a happy mood and not bored.

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Compared to the age of many other games. Maybe Exos Heroes is not enough to be counted as a veteran game. But one thing is for sure, its undeniable appeal. Many players have been attached since the first days and are still very loyal to this product. Because the game always listens and understands the requirements and desires of gamers To always create the best experience. Download now Exos Heroes mod to feel all that.

Download Exos Heroes APK for Android

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