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Destroy the evil enemies that are attacking your magical kingdom in Dreamland 2. You will play as mighty warriors and fight for your kingdom. This is a dreamland that gives birth to a lot of pets that can fight and protect the world. And when you come here, you will be the one to control them to join the fight against the enemy. They are cruel creatures that want to enter the dream world and destroy the peace. So it would be best if you found pets so that you can protect the magical world with them safely. Challenge the battle levels, and with your pet squad, conquer the challenge.

The land of cute creatures has opened up for you to search for. You aim to collect the cutest pets and travel the world with them. And you have found different animals and formed a discovery team. But upon contact, you know they are also creatures with solid defenses. They can do this because the dreamland is always the target of cruel enemies. They disturb the peace here and want to destroy everything with ferocious power. Stand up to enemies that storm the world with decisive pet combat.

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Download Dreamland 2 mod – Fight in the world of dream creatures

You will join a new battle journey with a lot of different experiences. This journey begins when you arrive in the magical world and decide to go exploring. And this place does not disappoint when you find a lot of unique magical creatures. You have collected them and decided to find more creatures to complete the collection. However, with that, you have shouldered the responsibility of fighting for the peace of the dream world. And the creatures you collect will be the force you fight against the enemies of the world. Join a powerful pet squad to keep the magical kingdom safe from enemies.

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Being a human in the magical world is always the dream of many people. And you will become that lucky person when you are transported to a land full of miracles. It gives birth to strange creatures of various colors and possessing magical energy. That makes them even more dreamy creatures that anyone wants to collect. However, the magical world is in danger, and you must rescue it. The enemies have entered here, and you must fight with the strange creatures you collect. Start an adventure in a dream world to explore mysterious lands through wars.

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Battle strategy

You are tasked with fighting in the dream world with the forces gathered by you. They are mysterious creatures that possess magical powers that make them powerful. However, it would be best to have a battle strategy to win the war against the enemy. You must understand the evolution of pets to help them get stronger over time. You can then look for upgrades to protect your pet squad against enemies. And when you have great power, you can quickly destroy those who threaten world peace. Use strategy as you fight the enemies of the magical kingdom with a pet squad.

Dreamland 2 mod apk

Victory rewards

The pet army is the force you will lead in the battle against the enemies. They threaten the safety of the magical kingdom, and the creatures here must stand up to it. But you choose to be a companion when gathering them into a pet party. And the war has begun as you advance and challenge the enemies that storm the world. It will be brutal battles, so you must level up your pet squad. Powerful combinations will make your pet stronger and destroy enemies. Defeat enemies that invade the world and join your pet party to win rewards.

Dreamland 2 mod

You will start the war in a magical world with a particular party. They are a collection of strange creatures and are nourished by magical energy. But despite being strong, they still endure hardship when they have to join the war to protect the world. So they need your help to protect the safe magical land. And these creatures accept becoming pets when forming a team led by you. However, it would be best if you still had combat power to fight against invading enemies to win. Download Dreamland 2 mod to overcome the battle against enemies to protect the magical kingdom.

Download Dreamland 2 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android

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