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If users are looking for an exciting type of live wallpaper for mobile phones or a new way of entertainment, perhaps Dots is a relatively suitable choice to meet that requirement. The simple interface with the main black colour and this application’s uncomplicated usage will surely attract users at first sight. Dots allows users to create whatever drawings they want in two ways, automatically and manually, and then the images will explode like fireworks, which is extremely eye-catching. Creating one-of-a-kind drawings or choosing from a pre-existing catalogue is entirely at the user’s discretion; as long as the user is happy, it’s OK to use either way.

The exploding process of the drawings will be beautiful and lively, so users can return to that process to set it as a live wallpaper for their phone, a new idea for a wallpaper for the device screen. It’s so unique and different. Just create a shape and wait for it to explode, but Dots still has an irresistible charm that immerses users.

Dots mod apk

Download Dots mod – Have fun with magical glowing exploding dots

Dots is a highly entertaining application that allows users to draw and create shapes for glowing exploding dots; when the drawing is completed, it will explode brightly like fireworks in the sky every occasion—Festival, bringing an experience that is both unique and beautiful. The application’s background is covered with black as the primary colour to make the exploding drawings more prominent so that users will not be distracted by other elements but will focus only on the glowing exploding dots. The colours to apply to the drawing when exploding are also very diverse, and users can combine them according to their preferences to create unique explosions.

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Shaping the exploding dots

Dots allows users to create shapes for explosive dots freely; if the user wants any shape, this application can meet quickly. This application is like a place for users to draw freely but in a completely new style: drawing with explosive dots. There are two main ways to create shapes in Dots that users can choose to change dynamically: manual and automatic. When creating shapes manually, the system will let users freely create the drawings they want and need to move their fingers on the screen to complete the drawing. As for the automatic way of creating shapes, the user will choose the type of shape in the available list that Dots provides; after deciding on the drawing he wants, the rest is to wait for the system to re-create that drawing.

Dots mod android

Vibrant colours when exploding

A unique feature in Dots is that the drawings, after being created, will explode like fireworks in the night sky, brilliant and beautiful. They will explode in the original shape that the user decides, which can be numbers, animals, text, logos of brands, characters from famous cartoons and countless unique shapes. Another difference depends on the preferences of the user. The colours, when exploding, are also very diverse, and users can decide the colours for their drawings, blue, red, purple, yellow, pink, brown, white or seven rainbow colours; mix the colours or separately; it doesn’t matter. Dots also gives users many different types of explosions, such as top-to-bottom explosion, contour explosion and centre explosion, to apply to their drawings.

Dots mod android free

Share it outside

Dots allows users to record the exploding process of drawings and share them on social networking sites such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram, enriching the user’s page and making it recognizable. Get more attention and become more prominent. Not only that, but users can also use their explosion-dot drawings to make a live wallpaper for their phone screen; every time they turn on the device, seeing colourful glowing exploding dots will surely be interesting. That’s extremely. So even though it’s just a straightforward application in terms of usage and operation, Dots can still serve many different purposes and promises to bring users highly entertaining moments. The drawings explode brightly; Dots will bring the user’s imagination to life.

Dots mod

Download Dots mod unlimited creativity through creating unique and exciting glowing explosions.

Download Dots MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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