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Fight the rising evil forces with a plot to rule the world in Dark Sword The Rising. You will become a warrior and begin your arduous battle journey. It is a journey to move forward and stop the brutal forces of the world. They rose from the ground with a plot to invade everything and carry out their plan to enslave humans. But you have a mission to keep the world safe by becoming a mighty hero. So your wars will represent the hope of this world’s safety. Destroy the rising evil forces and complete the hero’s protection mission.

The Dark Age is approaching the world of heroes with powerful abilities. The time of battle is over, and the heroes have struggled with the bloody battlefields. The peace they worked so hard for was destroyed, and the world became chaotic again. And the heroes fell one by one to prevent total disaster from befalling the world. But in the most desperate moment, a hero stood up and shouldered the responsibility of protecting. So believing in a peaceful world remains, and you must persevere before the age of darkness. Face the most demanding challenges and lead the way to the light that protects the world.

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Download Dark Sword The Rising mod – Fight for faith to protect world peace

You are the only warrior left while the war for the world is not over yet. Previously, accompanying you were many heroes who stood to prevent the war of destruction. They trade their lives to prevent the evil forces from realizing their invasion goals. But peace has not been stabilized; the dark era is gradually landing. This is a decisive moment for the world’s survival; the only hope is in you. So you must stand up and destroy the dark dragons to end the fierce war. Shows the strength of a warrior holding the hope of survival of the whole world.

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Battle era

The constant wars caused the human world to be almost destroyed. But the heroes didn’t bother to venture into battle to keep everything safe. They deserve to be called brave warriors for the ultimate goal of protecting the world. However, the era of combat does not seem to have ended as new enemies appear. They are dragons that have acquired the power of darkness and continue ravaging the world. But the world still has a resilient warrior, which will be your battle challenge. Use your powers and fight the Dark Ages to stop the darkness from destroying.

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Stop the enemy

It would be best if you took on the responsibility of protecting the entire world as it sinks into the era of combat. Wars are constantly happening, and people are almost desperate for the battlefields of destruction. And you will be the last warrior holding on to the belief of survival against brutal enemies. They are dark dragons and appear intending to destroy humanity with ferocious power. In addition, they also brought dark minions to attack and engulf the world. So you must stop the dark enemies from helping humanity survive in danger. Destroy the rising dark enemies and hold on to the world’s hope of survival.

Dark Sword The Rising mod apk

Power system

All the warriors who participated in the world’s battle era were almost annihilated. They ignore their safety and stand up to stop the enemies of darkness from the world. But the dark age only really appeared when the evil dragons began to attack. So you will join the world’s only warrior to conquer the survival challenge. And defeating cruel monsters will be your most significant contribution to humans. However, it is a bloody war, and you must exploit the hero’s power system. Unlock powerful combat abilities and join the armed warriors to fight for the world.

Dark Sword The Rising mod

You aim to fight the most ferocious enemies entering the human world. They are the forces of darkness and are attacking the evil dragon. And with the power of the talented warrior, you will engage yourself in the final battle. Only when you defeat all the evil forces will the era of world fighting end. So it would be best to use the hero’s power to stop the dark enemy at all costs. And to win the war, you need to unlock the hero’s power system in combat. Download Dark Sword The Rising mod to embark on the path of fighting to protect the safe world.

Download Dark Sword The Rising MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android

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