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Cyberpunk games are really popular and attractive. But have you ever played an MMORPG with that modern futuristic theme? Surely many people will not know that good game. Let me introduce you to Cyberika. An open world in the age of the decline of civilization. Along with the rapid development of machines and artificial intelligence. Coming to Cyberika, you will be involved in battles with modern machine enemies. In order to protect the only existence of humanity against the throne of artificial intelligence.

To a world where modernity and poverty are mixed everywhere. You are an anonymous character living in a small house on the outskirts of the city. Your journey begins as the character moves inside the modern city center. However, mixed with the machines are people living at the bottom of society. Crime and violence are everywhere. You need to be strong to survive in this chaotic world. Fight against any force that intends to attack you.

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Download Cyberika – Adventure in the dying future world

Along with the necessary luggage to hit the road. You will discover what it was like inside the city during the Cyberpunk era. Modern buildings and machines. Interspersed with a complex of impoverished people. With all kinds of places such as bars, karaoke, casinos… Gathering the only people living in this period. They all have a rather bizarre and violent personality. But you can still mingle and stay here. However, you cannot become weak in this world. What you need to do is practice and upgrade your strength. Ready to confront hostile forces from everywhere.

Cyberika is a large world, including many different tasks for you to perform. In order to increase the level and strength needed in combat. Walk around the city with many interactive places like car workshops, laboratories, or other forms of entertainment. You will upgrade yourself with the most modern technologies. Ride on the streets with supercars from the future. Or unleash fighting hordes of nasty robots with the most powerful moves and weapons.

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Join fascinating stories

Every place in Cyberika is strictly controlled by different gangs. In the game, you will explore all the areas. As well as encountering many members of the gang. They like violence and will cooperate or cause a lot of unfriendly actions. Those areas will contain many of the game’s main missions. You just need to receive and perform them, you will receive rewards and experience and many attractive items. Missions can revolve around fighting, investigating, tracking, and breaking information if necessary. New stories and details will be updated continuously.

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Lots of great weapons

In the modern futuristic world like Cyberpunk. It is not difficult for us to come across our own powerful and beautiful futuristic weapons. Cyberika too, the system of future guns are designed with meticulous power and stats. Laser guns and lightsabers spread everywhere. The technology of implanting combat weapons into the body is also very popular in this world. Spend a small amount of money to own these special powers. Along with many vehicles of the warrior class. Confront enemies with robots, ninjas, or massive robots to prove yourself the strongest.

Cyberika mod apk free

The event is looking forward to all the time

The events in the game are mostly for multiplayer. Chance to meet friends or opponents in many co-op or world wars. Everyone will be able to use their full strength to fight everywhere. Dozens of different countries have many veteran and strong players. This is definitely a good opportunity to make friends around the world. Fight hard and get huge gifts. More events will be released in the future. Please try to follow and look forward to many events in the game at any time.

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Those are all the basics you will definitely encounter in Cyberika. There are still many other interesting details that will appear when you experience this game. Treat it as a way to entertain and immerse yourself in a whole new form. Download Cyberika mod for free to follow the main character’s journey of self-conquest. Defeat all enemies and explore this chaotic futuristic world.

Download Cyberika APK for Android

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