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Bricks Melody Balls is a unique combination of graphics and sound that gives you great entertainment. With accessible gameplay, you only need to use your fingers to navigate the way. The player’s goal is to destroy the bricks with the numbers. If you destroy all the bricks, you will get three absolute stars. Calmly orient the balls properly to optimize your strength. Passing the levels is just a simple matter. The problem is how to achieve the maximum score. The more you get to the following classes, the more complex the game screen becomes.

Tunup Games is a developer known for brick-breaking games, and Bricks Melody Balls are one of them. Bricks Melody Balls is a magical world of balls and bricks. When the balls collide, the fun music will sound very interesting. They are a particular highlight and why you should experience this game once. The publisher has re-cooked it to be very trendy with the classic gameplay. Eye-catching graphics and carefully invested sound will not let you down. So let’s explore this Bricks Melody Balls game.
Bricks Melody Balls mod

Download Bricks Melody Balls mod – Funny balls

Bricks Melody Balls, with gentle gameplay, do not require you to have too many skills. Instead, move your finger on the screen, and the balls will automatically be fired. The bricks are built just like that, and you must destroy them in time before losing. The stars will determine the number of rewards you receive and, at the same time, beautify your collection. The key to victory is to carefully and thoroughly calculate the ball’s direction. Pay attention to the bricks so that the ball bounces the most times, thereby owning the most significant score.

Bricks Melody Balls mod free

Thousands of different levels, balls, and tunes

To remove boredom and repetition, enhance the player’s experience. The publisher has provided more than 4000 different levels, enough for you to challenge freely. Every week, new groups are updated for you to continue your journey. Each class has a different layout and music to create diversity. The balls bounce like they are dancing, making incredibly catchy music. All will help you relieve stress and stress after a tiring day.

Bricks Melody Balls mod apk

Three different game modes

Different game modes are always available so that players can change the atmosphere at any time. The first and most basic mode is playing cards. It is like a long journey that you will pass. Although simple and easy to play, this will be the foundation for you to get used to this game. You will be provided with a certain amount of balls, and the task is to use them to destroy a certain number of bricks. As long as you are clear enough, you will win the level and be taken to the next level. The breakneck game pace will keep you hooked with the exciting tunes.

Bricks Melody Balls android

Next is the classic model. You will be given a single ball from the beginning. The bricks will continuously fall on you, and there are other marbles for you to pick up. Later on, the bricks will be giant, but at the same time, your number of marbles will increase. Finally, the 100 ball mode. True to the name, right from the beginning of the game screen, you have owned 100 balls. The bricks will continuously drop down, similar to Classic mode. The other point is that you will not be provided with another marble. Both ways are like Endless mode; there is no endpoint waiting for you to get the highest score.

Helpful powers

Sometimes the bricks are too close to you, and you cannot destroy them in time. So don’t worry because there are supports such as increasing the number of marbles, pushing back the bricks… To get them, you have to trade in diamonds as a currency. To contact them, you have to pass certain levels to achieve. So this is a core element, the key to your victory.

Bricks Melody Balls apk free

Support for low-tech devices

Tunup Games with a goal-oriented approach to all consumers. Therefore, Bricks Melody Balls has colorful graphics and funny sounds but does not require too strong a configuration. With over 35MB, you’ve got an entertaining game you can take anywhere. In your spare time, waiting for the bus or want to pass the time. Bricks Melody Balls is a perfect choice with the above characteristics.

In short, Bricks Melody Balls is a highly convenient entertainment option for anyone. You can play even when not connected to the internet, so it is very suitable in your spare time. With eye-catching images, funny sounds will make any player’s heart super. So what are you waiting for without downloading Bricks Melody Balls mod here to experience it all?

Download Bricks Melody Balls MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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