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It is a fact that any girl wants to appear perfect and confident in the photos she takes, but if you use the device’s default camera, the results will surely make you happy. Many people are disappointed. Not everyone has the time to make up their face so that it looks beautiful for a photo shoot, so the solution that can help every girl take great photos is an app called Becoco. Unlike any other application, this application can turn the user into a great beauty or an international supermodel in seconds. No need to spend elaborate makeup and a strict diet; with only Becoco in hand, every girl will have the perfect selfies ever.

Want to create stunning photos that look like they were taken from a studio specializing in actors and celebrities but don’t have any professional cameras? For Becoco, this is very simple; download this application; it can turn your device into a professional camera and even add beauty effects. It’s completely automatic.

Becoco mod android

Download Becoco mod – Create flawless photos

Becoco is a photo editing application with tons of top-notch features that allow users to correct flaws even while taking a photo, rather than having to finish taking it to be updated like some apps. With this application, all user defects can be erased without cost. Users can easily customize everything from the face, change the body shape, add makeup effects, change the hairstyle and add unique tattoos. With Becoco, nothing is impossible; even the user’s beauty in the videos can be quickly edited without encountering any obstacles. The size is smaller than any photo editing application, but Becoco is confident that users will not be disappointed with its magical features.

Becoco mod android free

The perfect selfie camera

By using Becoco’s native HD camera, users will have beautiful selfies. The camera of this app has an auto-beautify function so that even without makeup on the face, the user can confidently take a photo and wait for the skin to brighten up with the look. Gradually become slimmer. No need to wait for an image to be taken before you can edit it like other applications; Becoco allows users to edit right in the shot to get the best selfies. However, if you still do not feel satisfied while shooting, users can still edit later with top-notch photo editing tools. Just edit your face, add attractive makeup and choose beautiful filters until satisfied.

Becoco mod

Body shape correction

Not only editing the face but Becoco, users can also adjust the body shape to make the user more confident and the photo more attractive. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and perfect in their pictures? So don’t hesitate to edit everything until the user is satisfied. With the Becoco app, any body part can be easily edited. Slimming the body, creating solid six-pack abs, and stretching legs to increase height is very simple. With just a few steps, Becoco users can own a perfect body like professional models on the catwalk. Users can even add artistic tattoos to their body parts.

Becoco mod apk

Professional video editing

Editing photos is prevalent, but editing and adding beauty effects to videos is not something every application can do. If users fear video recording will reveal their unbeautiful parts, let Becoco solve this problem. Users need to enter their videos here, and then this application will display tons of great editing tools to help users become more sparkling. With Video Face Lab Editor and Video Body Editor, users can easily edit faces, apply makeup to increase confidence, and edit defective body parts. And Becoco users do not forget to use Video Filter Editor to add colour filters to their videos to look professional and perfect as if they were shot from the studio.

Becoco mod apk free

Download Becoco Mod, a professional photo and video editor not inferior to any famous studio outside of reality.

Download Becoco MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) for Android

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