Download Beat Fire MOD APK 1.2.02 (Unlimited coins)

Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds is a vibrant music game with electronic music. New gameplay for you to be satisfied with dynamic youthful melodies. Use the gun and move to hit the target, the sound is the highlight for the track at that level. Acting as a music player, Beat Fire completely renewed the gameplay that made it different. In the game tutorial, you can pass the bricks, but when participating in the actual game mode, you cannot miss. The game designed for each player is like a gas master. Without music savvy, you make great EDM versions. Many famous songs are here.

Music party full genre in Beat Fire will make you forget tired soon. If possible, wear headphones to fully enjoy the game. The output quality of the audio is also quite important. If unfortunately, the phone’s speaker is not good it will affect the experience. The number of songs and genres in Beat Fire game is diverse. Almost all songs are free in normal mode. Players are free to choose the song they like and start playing music with a special gun.

Beat Fire mod

Download Beat Fire MOD – Enjoy the EDM music space

Maybe you already know some music games like Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!, or Magic Tiles 3. The common point of those games is based on playing the Piano to build the gameplay. But Beat Fire with a difference in gameplay, you will play music with a gun. Move to the sides to hit the bricks falling from above. Each hit will have a sound effect consistent with the current track. Combining with many brick shapes and interfaces creates an epic music space. The gunshot sound of the gun and the song’s effects that are playing always make the music sound as strong as EDM’s quality. Beat Fire is a place for young people who always love their own music.

New songs

Beat Fire is always updating new songs with HOT products. Orchid, Summer Nights, Bumpa, those are some of the songs that have just been added in the current version. If you don’t want to choose, play the level mode. Beat Fire chooses a song at random and you have to overcome the difficulty when the bricks are falling faster and faster.

Beat Fire mod download

Weapons and tiles

Change weapons with new guns for a more enjoyable experience. The brick has a new shape that also makes you excited. They will be unlocked randomly with 500 coins, the amount in the store is not much. If you want to own all the guns and bricks then just a few minutes when using Beat Fire MOD. There’s no specific name for a weapon or brick, look at the pictures in the store to find your favorite model.

Change theme

Search color is the main color tone in the ancient interface of the game. You can change to VIP for $ 0.99 with blue at Wonder Garden. But GameDVA does not encourage cash payments. MOD version Beat Fire has support for owning weapons, bricks, unlock songs, that’s enough for you to entertain freely.

Beat Fire mod apk

Beat Fire with falling bricks and gun, they create a compelling melody. Music space created and enjoyed by players. The true EDM music store helps you have unforgettable moments. Download Beat Fire MOD prepare your headphones, focus and play music your way.

Download Beat Fire MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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