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Chaos with mischievous babies to avoid being caught by their parents in Baby Prank. You will join the babies to start your riotous journey in their house. But that’s not participating in children’s games that will be pranks. They are just born and bring with them a childish soul that wants to tease their parents. And you will guide those kids to start their fun-filled prank journey. It is a journey of running around the house and avoiding the eyes of the parents behind. Run around the block with the kids and find fun by teasing their parents.

Newborn babies will have an innocent soul and always know how to create joy. They will help the children’s families have warm times together. However, they will sometimes make their family and especially parents worried. And when you become children, you will be a worry to your family. You will run around the house in miniature forms and have your parents chasing you in anxiety. But that’s just the fun of the children; you will understand when you become them, Control the mischievous baby and perform pranks in your home.

Baby Prank android

Download Baby Prank mod – Play pranks with your baby

You will be the children’s companion and begin exploring their homes. It was a large house, and their parents designed their rooms. So the kids will love to explore the room when starting their games. However, they do not know their importance in the eyes of their parents. And when they find the kids out of the safe place, this will make them very worried. So they will find a way to catch up with the children while they are crawling around the large room. Discover the fun of being cute kids and start playing pranks on your parents.

Baby Prank apk

Naughty children

In everyone’s eyes, babies from birth are always the cutest. So whenever they appear, they are warmly received by everyone. But the children could not stay still when they returned to their room. They are very naughty and constantly move around, so they need parental supervision. However, they can escape that supervision with just a little carelessness and start adventuring. And the place they want to explore will be the room where they are. Along with the naughty children in the house move around in search of fun things.

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Prank your parents

You will become a naughty kid and start the prank process in your house. In the eyes of a child like you, these are games for you to find fun. However, it is a dangerous game for adults because you are just a child. So they will search for you throughout the room and bring you back to your safe place. But you are childish at heart, and the more you get kicked out, the more interesting this will be. You can control the baby to hide in different places so the parents cannot find it. Find fun in your home by playing pranks on your parents and running away from them.

Baby Prank mod apk

Escape journey

Adults are always worried about the safety of their children, especially in the newborn period. In their eyes, children are fragile and must be protected and watched at all times. But children, on the contrary, are very naughty and always find ways to create exciting things. And when you become a child, you want to prank your parents by running away. Then you will be a baby and run out of the safe place that your parents have arranged. But adults will quickly find out and chase to bring you back to where you were. Run away in the shape of kids and prank adults your way.

Baby Prank mod

You will be an innocent child but carry mischief running around the room. This will make your parents nervous, which is how you prank them in the house. And with your mischievous nature, you will go around the room and run away from your parents. But they are adults and can catch up to you in the form of small children. So you have to find a way to hide in places where your parents can’t reach you. And your escape journey will be perfect if you don’t get caught by your parents playing pranks on them. Download Baby Prank mod to play pranks with kids at home.

Download Baby Prank MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android

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