Download Angry Birds Kingdom MOD APK 0.3.3 (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers/God mode)

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  1. Damage Multiplier
  2. Defense Multiplier
  3. Move Speed Multiplier
  4. God Mode
  5. Always Critical

Fight and explore the kingdom of angry birds in the game Angry Birds Kingdom. You will be participating in the war between the animals in this world with many strange. This is the kingdom of birds, and they are forced to find and attack pigs. The cause of this war is that the pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs. And this angered the flying creatures in this vast forest. So the birds don’t just want to punish the evil pigs for stealing. They also want to build their bird kingdom to prevent the pigs from stealing eggs.

Birds from a kingdom still inhabit the vast peaceful forest. They gather and create an ideal environment to breed and increase over time. However, the process was interrupted when the birds discovered their eggs had been robbed. They have found the culprit that causes this: the evil green pigs. It is also a species that lives in the forest, and the pigs aspire to steal the eggs. And they have sneaked into the kingdom of birds to commit theft successfully. Gather your powerful bird army and attack the pigs to find their eggs again.

Angry Birds Kingdom android

Download Angry Birds Kingdom mod – With the bird kingdom against the ugly pig

You will become a bird warrior and participate in the war against the ugly pig. They stole many eggs inside the bird kingdom and caused outrage. So the birds decided to take up arms and go after the thieves. They are boasting about stealing the birds’ eggs; this is your chance to counterattack. If you defeat them, you and the birds will get back the eggs they robbed. And you will also give this pig a lesson for daring to take the children out of their hands. Leave the bird kingdom and attack the ugly green pigs for theft.

Angry Birds Kingdom apk

The source of anger

The kingdom’s birds were enraged when they discovered their eggs had been stolen. Not just one, but all the eggs were gone while the birds were out. And they found the footprints of green pigs living in the vast forest. And the birds made a quick decision to find their eggs. Together they will go to the territory of the pigs and fight them to save the egg. Those babies are about to hatch, and you can’t let the pigs continue to steal. Together with the angry birds go out of the kingdom and attack the evil pig to get the eggs back.

Angry Birds Kingdom mod apk

Protect the eggs

The ugly green pig has stolen all the birds’ eggs inside the kingdom. And the birds used their weapons to find them to find the eggs. However, this thief pig may return, and you must find a way to protect the bird’s eggs. The best thing you can do to protect the eggs is to fight. Only by destroying the evil pigs can all the eggs be safe in the kingdom. So it would be best to choose strong birds to accompany you in the battle against pigs. Destroy the evil pigs from the bird kingdom to carry out the mission of protecting the eggs.

Angry Birds Kingdom mod

Build a bird kingdom.

You don’t want your bird’s eggs to be stolen by ugly pigs again. Even placed in the bird kingdom, pigs can still find them. So it would be best to find a way to upgrade your bird kingdom to become more solid. Only then will the pigs not be able to penetrate and steal the birds’ eggs. You have destroyed the evil pig with the birds and will receive a reward for the bird. You can also collect brave birds to organize the defence of the kingdom. Once the pigs appear, you can attack and promptly stop them from stealing.

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The kingdom’s birds in the forest were outraged when they discovered the stolen eggs. These are their babies, and the bird is determined to find the culprit who stole the eggs. They already know who the culprit of the egg theft is and have begun their punitive action. Those ugly pigs lived in the same forest, but their efforts were unforgivable. And to protect the following eggs, you have to fight with the birds. You can also help the birds build their kingdom even more firmly. Download Angry Birds Kingdom mod to fight with the birds inside the domain for the eggs.

Download Angry Birds Kingdom MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers/God mode) for Android

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