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Flying on an airplane is a challenging job that not everyone can experience. But with Ace Fighter, this will be realized quickly. You will be flying a jet that belongs to you. Fly above the white clouds and the vast blue sky. Fight and shoot down dangerous opponents with your skills. Bring glory to the country that you are serving wholeheartedly.

Ace Fighter is a game made in the popular fighting style of the market. It realistically simulates the combat process of military pilots. Graphics are reproduced in an extremely realistic and sharp way for an eye-catching feeling. All necessary parameters are organized and displayed in a modern way. The player’s individual skill requirements must be high to be able to manipulate things better. Challenge anyone with a passion for military combat vehicles.

Ace Fighter mod free

Download Ace Fighter mod – Fight enemies in the air

As a trainee pilot coming to Ace Fighter, you will have to learn the basics first. The first is to use the control buttons most proficiently. Your plane will automatically fly in a certain straight line. On the left are buttons such as acceleration, deceleration, or rotation. On the right are equipped aircraft weapons that can be used as rockets or machine guns. Sight is automatically locked when an enemy is detected nearby. Use whatever weapon you want to attack them. Defeat all enemies in the sky until there are no remaining enemies to win.

Enemies will also shoot back at you when they have found the desired target. Can swipe the screen to change the direction of flight and dodge their bullets. Combine with acceleration or deceleration to run or chase enemies. Don’t let your plane take too much damage from them. It could break or even explode.

Ace Fighter mod download

Amazing planes

When coming to Ace Fighter, you will have the opportunity to own more than 20 different planes. Each one is designed according to reality and is almost 100% accurate. All of them follow the modern trend built by the leading countries in terms of military. You can buy any plane that suits you. Each has its own fighting style and manipulation. Mastering a new plane takes time to get used to. Fight and collect more bonuses to create a collection of planes. Make your enemies fear every time you go to battle with your destruction machines.

Ace Fighter mod apk

Combat Weapons

Each plane will be equipped with weapons to fight the opponent. These weapons will include rockets and heavy machine guns. With more than 15 types of modern missiles, you can buy and equip your plane. Depending on your amount, you can consider buying in a reasonable amount. Your machine gun will also have a lot of types to upgrade further and use. Machine gun ammo will also have to pay money to be able to own. Buy a sufficient amount of ammo and rockets for yourself. Avoid using too much money that can be excessively wasteful. A lot of modern equipment is waiting for you to discover and own.

Ace Fighter mod apk free

Diverse game modes

This is a huge plus that Ace Fighter has created to meet the needs of players. In team battle mode, you will be fighting with your teammates. Survival mode will force you to fight and survive against enemies for a certain amount of time. The deathmatch mode allows you to kill and respawn an infinite number of times. Reach the required levels and unlock more attractive modes. Participating in these modes regularly will also help you improve your skills. Diverse gameplay and can adapt to different difficult situations. Make each play a moment of joy and optimism.

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When you feel unable to face too many enemies, you can call for support. Just activate it, and you can contact headquarters and request an attack. Missiles will soon be sent and blow away enemies around you. Knowing how to take advantage of this support package will help you gain more advantages. Quickly finish the enemy and complete the mission with ease. However, fight with your own strength more. Don’t rely too much on help, or you will find it difficult to improve. Become the greatest soldier of Ace Fighter mod with the fear that is sprinkled in the air.

Download Ace Fighter MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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