Download Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer MOD APK 2.5.3 (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers)

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A perfect combination of tower defense and turn-based combat has created Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer. Join the expedition and stop enemies from all over the world with many levels of danger. Command the most powerful heroes of the world. Defend your base at any cost against enemy attacks. Just listening to it, you already feel familiar. That is the attractive defense game Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer. This genre has never dwindled regarding the number of people interested in and playing it. The most attractive point is the high tactical nature with the multitude of ideas that can be created.

The elements of defense, turn-based, epic, mythology, magic… All have been molded to create a masterpiece like Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer. Now anyone will become a great commander. That refers to the players themselves, who hold the highest probability of winning. What will you do to protect your stronghold? How to stop the fierce attack from many of the world’s most dangerous monsters. Heroes will lend you their power. Instead, you are the supreme commander of this entire campaign.

Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer mod

Download Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer mod – Defend with intelligence and top-notch strategy

As a game with the main content of tower defense, of course, Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer cannot ignore the most important factor that is the terrain. Each game screen will be focused on any area. Different paths lead to your base. Those were the attack routes of the invading monster forces. At the side of those roads is where our heroes are ready to fight. Summon them to those locations to continuously deal damage to enemies. Each hero will have the skills to create damage and effects. Victory will be in your hands when all enemy attacks are blocked.

How will you have to summon the heroes? That is using the energy coming from the energy ball in the bottom corner of the screen. Its mana amount at maximum is 100. Depending on the type of hero, we will need a range from 25 to 35 mana. Sometimes it can be more with special heroes. Therefore, you can only summon from 3 to 4 heroes at the beginning of the battle. That is why the strategic factor is more important, how to destroy all monsters and promptly summon more warriors.

Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer mod apk

Build a defensive formation

Before each battle, you will always be given a choice of heroic warriors to add to the squad. And in that match, only the selected heroes can be used. The hero system is also not the same and is divided into separate roles and systems. From assassin generals and warriors with great damage, long-range attack mage generals, rope champions with effects like slowing and poisoning the enemy… Collect and level up to make them stronger after battles war. The level cap can be up to 100 or 200. Depending on the amount of resources you have, prioritize the strongest heroes. Depending on the terrain and the enemies encountered in each match, choose the strongest and most appropriate squad.

Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer mod apk free

Create obstacles for the enemy

Heroes are the primary source of strength to stop enemy invasions. But sometimes, it will not be enough because the enemy is no less intelligent. Many matches will appear with more creatures with unique abilities. For example, running fast and avoiding all damage from heroes, having large armor, or moving in the air. At that time, you will need more support tools on the battlefield. Set a trap along the way to tie down enemies. Summon a totem with the ability to control power. The elements also have many more types of destructive spells. Since the number of these tools is limited, make sure you only use them when it’s urgent.

Lots of new content

Defending enemies invading your base is the first popular mode that everyone must play. After experiencing it for a while, you will unlock more new modes. The most attractive online mode helps you connect with the outside world. Open more attractive modes to fight with other players. Arrange your squad to fight on the battlefield or a beautiful chessboard. Of course, battles always come with many great gifts waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to show your commanding power right now. Blow up the opponent’s squad with intelligence and perfect strategy like playing tower defense.

Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer mod free

Tower defense is still evolving, and over time, we see many changes and different branching elements. That proves that tower defense gamers are still not attractive to gamers. Always try to develop in many directions to create new products. It makes gamers’ experience newer while keeping the core elements of this age-old genre. The attraction of Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer mod will indeed still be maintained in the future.

Download Ace Defender War of Dragon Slayer MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers) for Android

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