Darko 2 – Icon Pack v2.9 APK (Patched) Download

Darko 2 is a theme pack that gives users dark themes, but this makes the application special because this dark interface brings a lot of benefits and utilities to users as a reduction in screen brightness and simplification of the device interface, creating the necessary simplicity for the user. Not only that, but the application is also especially suitable for those who have a passion for dark gray colors or love dark interfaces for their own taste or aesthetic needs. Anyway, this is a cool theme that you should install and experience the special icons it brings.

Darko 2 – Icon Pack


Unlike other tools, they inherently turn the user’s device interface into color themes with vivid images and colors. This application gives users an exceptional interface with mesmerizing dark gray color. This interface is different and saves a lot of space for the device if used for a long time because it does not need to display other colorful colors but only needs a mysterious dark color and countless features. Others are waiting for you to discover here, whose benefits are absolutely amazing.

Darko 2 – Icon Pack


Although it looks like it only has a single theme, the application gives users a lot of icon packs that can be easily selected. Owning a diverse icon store allows the application to reach a wider range of users and somewhat meet their unique needs in terms of app icons, be it for icon simplification or Highlighting the icon to make it easier to find and use. Either way, there are many icon packs that you can easily choose from when experiencing this application.

Darko 2 – Icon Pack


Not only changing application icons and wallpapers, but the application also allows you to refresh your watch image through attractive vivid images. Changing the interface clock proves that this application has a variety of functions when it brings a comprehensive change to the interface of your device. And countless great things are no less than the above features that you will discover when you experience this application. So, try to install then enjoy the brand new look it brings.

Darko 2 – Icon Pack


  • Change the icon to be fully compatible with the application on the user’s device to renew your device.
  • Perfect integration with a variety of applications provides a variable application variety.
  • The dark color gamut saves data space and has the ability to reduce harmful light to the eyes.
  • Comprehensively change the interface by many different functions besides the main function.
  • Easy to use and change with simple easy to use control panel, freely control and choose your favorite theme

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