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The cyberpunk world is a topic that is interested in a large number of fans. Bring a future world perspective revolves around “poor life and modern technology”. These sci-fi topics are exploited a lot in novels, movies, and video games as well. So today I want to introduce you to Cyber ​​Fighters. A game set in the future where the machines own and beyond.

Cyber ​​Fighters is a free guillotine action game developed inspired by the Cyberpunk-themed games that are so famous like Cyberpunk 2077 recently released. And to satisfy gamers’ wishes. With a fighting game with a similar theme on smartphones, Cyber ​​Fighters was born. Still a futuristic setting of familiar machines and cluttered streets. But a completely new style will make you extremely excited.

Cyber Fighters mod

Download Cyber ​​Fighters mod – Fight in the fantasy world

The beginning of the game is a setting about a futuristic world where machines rule and control everything. Your mission as a wandering warrior is to survive in a world full of artifacts. The surrounding machines are always waiting to destroy you at any time. Bring gameplay similar to the game of cutting guillotine and adventure. On the 2D graphics background, there will be a lot of machine monsters and hidden enemies for you to fight. Increasingly, more and more upgraded to make their warriors stronger. Overcome all levels from easy to difficult, from weak enemies to powerful bosses to give you the freedom to challenge.

Each level you play will be allowed to choose any warrior to fight. Each warrior has its own characteristics and strength. Some people use swords, some people storm and throw strong fists, and some use magic. The strength of warriors is extremely diverse. This leads to a multitude of different and creative ways to play for you to explore and grow. Not only diverse in strength, the warrior upgrade system makes them stronger. Unlock new special skills. Give your warriors a chance to win tough boss fights and upgrade your warrior’s looks more and more beautiful.

Cyber Fighters mod apk

Many attractive game modes

The basic model according to the plot is the journey to destroy the monsters of machines. The terrorist bosses are difficult. We have interesting storyline-based gameplay that you can explore. If you do not want to play against a computer, the online fighting mode will definitely be for you. In this mode, the opponents you fight with are other players. Possessing control skills that are not stereotyped but extremely skilled. You will have to consider tactics if you don’t want to be knocked out by them immediately.

Cyber Fighters mod free

Interesting limited events

In addition to the basic game modes. There are also time-limited events and you can track them. Events include quests and rewards for you if completed. Or even more creative game modes that you can’t think of. Lots of things you can do at these exciting events. Along with items that are only for sale limited to those events in the store such as rare weapons. Exclusive outfits and more surprises. You will be free to fight, play with friends because the event is constantly being launched and does not make players feel bored with the gameplay too familiar.

Cyber Fighters free

Accompanying powerful warriors

You are not alone in fighting in this chaotic world. Accompanying you are other powerful machine warriors in your skillset. Depending on each warrior, we will own a variety of machine beasts in each battle. Like mechanical wolves that use deadly bites, mechanical demons with destructive slashes. Or countless other assistants will join you in the battle. Get them through upgrading the skills of warriors and unlocking the special assistants of each warrior. You will not have to fight alone when you are strong teammates. Ready to conquer everything with you.

Cyber Fighters mod mod

Owning 2D graphics but detailed and extremely beautiful with effects when fighting. Simple and fun gameplay that is easily addictive. Along with dozens of exciting events that keep players alive. Cyber ​​Fighters will be the right game for you to choose for a fighting game. Similar to the games of the same genre are extremely popular on the market. Download Cyber ​​Fighters mod and show off the top fighting skills in the mysterious sci-fi world.

Download Cyber Fighters Premium MOD APK (Unlimited money, skips) for Android

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