Counter terrorist robot game v1.29 MOD APK (God Mode) Download

Suppose you are a lover of shooting games. In that case, you will definitely like Counter terrorist robot game because this game includes not only all the features of a normal shooting game but also building more storylines and a variety of devices. Players will have the opportunity to experience an entirely new shooting environment.

Counter terrorist robot game


In this game, players will transform into a robot agents tasked with protecting the green forest. A hostile force is directing a force of robots to destroy the forest, creating a large-scale terror. You and many other robots have to hold guns and equipment to fight them. Destroy their bases if found. Use your gun and destroy them.

Counter terrorist robot game


There are many types of guns in Counter terrorist robot game, from rifles to shotguns. To be able to hit the target, aim for semi-precise and move smart. At the same time, you can also get hit by enemy bullets. Because the character is a robot, you don’t die immediately when you get hit by a bullet, and you only lose blood. But if you lose too much blood, it will lead to a drop in the health bar, and if you run out of blood, you will die. Along the way, pick up useful items such as ammo, cannon, first aid box to quickly recover and continue the battle.

Counter terrorist robot game


According to the plot of the game, when you defeat the terrorists in this area, you will continue the war in other areas. New areas will be opened with each level. There are many maps for you to explore, such as snowy forests, green forests, deserts, etc. Each map is carefully designed in graphics, helping players experience as if they were actually fighting there. In particular, not only the enhancement of the maps, at high levels, the weapons and equipment will also be better upgraded.

Counter terrorist robot game


  • Transform into a robot and join the war against terrorist robots to protect the peace
  • Move and dodge attacks while aiming accurately at the enemy. Use your favorite gun in the arsenal of guns
  • Experience many new spaces in maps such as snow forest, green forest, desert, …
  • Unlock more features and upgrade weapons as you level up. Shooting experience with the best conditions
  • Graphics are designed and invested, sound effects are as vivid as a real battle

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