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What do you think about the unique idea of ​​building a chain of stores, food themes through trucks? Perfect and excellent, Cooking Truck will accompany you in those breakthrough ideas. This is a unique game, and players will raise that breakthrough idea and implement it today. The game needs unique ideas and helps you be enthusiastic about carrying out this series of projects. Surely there will be many attractions that we need to experience and conquer.

Cooking Truck – Food truck worldwide cuisine


People are living in a race against time, and they seem too busy. Catching up with this need, you have come up with the idea of ​​​​building chain stores, culinary themes through trucks. This is an interesting invention and receives a lot of positive comments. Convenience, quality assurance, and good service are all the needs of the people around.

Before executing the construction, the player needs to have a plan to perform. Players need to find more friends with the same idea to be able to do this project together. Calculate the details of foods, dishes, and textures to be able to arrange and complete as soon as possible. The special thing is that Cooking Truck will provide you with large trucks of all different types to serve the transportation of food.

Cooking Truck – Food truck worldwide cuisine


You are a talented chef who can prepare all kinds of dishes for diners. Now you need to find more friends to start making these dishes. Build a new menu style to help diners have the best meals. The necessary ingredients and utensils for cooking will be provided by Cooking Truck, and you just need to choose to use them.

Get started with cooking by offering a variety of menus to work on. Players will make dishes as discussed in large quantities, ensuring that the food is always fresh and attractive. After completing the processing, we move to the stage of decoration and transportation. Players will carry out packing food and move on to inspected trucks. The driver will carry out transportation to the specified locations to be able to serve the diners.

Cooking Truck – Food truck worldwide cuisine


Business must go according to schedule and carefully arranged. Players need to meet the chef table to be able to come up with reasonable menus. Changing the menu will make your store more attractive because there are new dishes with their own characteristics. It would help if you also broke ways in implementing new food chains to receive positive feedback from users.

The attraction is that you earn a large amount of money for every dish sold. Gradually you will develop more chain stores with a series of mobile trucks like that. Cooking Truck also always supports you in implementing such a business chain because it is convenient. Players need to use the available features to serve their business well.

Cooking Truck – Food truck worldwide cuisine

– Draw up the perfect business plan and execute it with your friends.
– Implement a chain of stores, new culinary themes to be able to meet the dining needs of all diners.
– Choose from a variety of large and small trucks in the game to serve the job of transporting food to diners.
– Always change the menu and receive suggestions to perfect this perfect business plan.
– Upgrade the trucks using food storage equipment to deliver quality food to diners.

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