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Cooking Travel will help players realize their passion for owning a mobile restaurant chain. Move your mobile restaurant around the world to discover rich cuisine. Improve your ability to cook and serve customers wholeheartedly and quickly. From there, earn commissions and food service money. In order for the player’s stall to become more and more famous, it is necessary to upgrade and improve your kitchen. Tame the crowd of customers, in addition to gold coins, they will spread word of mouth to each other. Since then, the restaurant has earned more reputation and visitors through good word of mouth. The experience of driving a food truck around the world is quite refreshing.

The ingredients are already prepared, you just need to process and combine them to create a delicious dish. The complicated formulas have been simplified and brought into the game easily. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to the time in each level. When guests come crowded, players are not quick, people will leave. This caused a decrease in business and a lack of popularity for the restaurant. The culinary culture of countries from Europe to Asia, from East to West, will open your eyes. Diverse and rich dishes from ingredients. Customers are also diverse with different ages coming to the booth.

Cooking Travel mod

Download Cooking Travel mod – Own a mobile restaurant chain serving diners from all over the world

The main interface is next to a beach with trucks parked here. Each type of truck serves a different type of dish. Click the green arrow button to move between trucks. Then choose a type of food that the player wants to make and click on that car. After choosing the table you want to play and determining the number of guests to serve, it officially begins. There are guests, they show pictures of food in a white chat box. Players need to follow the order to achieve the required dishes. The first time there will be a white hand guiding you step by step. After getting familiar, players manipulate and make dishes themselves.

Cooking Travel mod apk

Food truck

As mentioned, each truck will serve a different type of dish typical of each region. At the beginning, the player unlocks the green breakfast cart with an omelet and sausage on top. Behind is an orange fast food truck serving hamburgers and soft drinks. The truck serves cakes with two colors, blue and white and the beautiful cake icon above. Seafood is served in a blue car with striking waves. Chinese goods carts with antique red color, their signature high-dish is served. Next is the fruit ice cream truck with colorful plan cakes attracting diners everywhere.

Cooking Travel apk free

Diverse party

The above mentioned dishes, let’s explore the dishes served by the restaurant chain. The ingredients are prepared cleanly in front of you. The inside of the truck is also fully equipped with the necessary tools to cook those dishes. For example, in a cake truck, there are cakes with many different flavors. Ovens are also prepared. In the Chinese food truck serving dishes like their chicken rice, wonton noodles,… The fast food truck serving hamburgers comes in different flavors and soft drinks like Coke or Sprite. Seafood with king crab, steamed lobster, and colorful shaved ice.

Cooking Travel apk

Material upgrade

If you have served complicated and high-class dishes from the beginning, the player may have a hard time. Therefore, in the first steps, players can only make simple dishes. Then earn gold coins and diners satisfaction. Players use that money to unlock more seats. It is also possible to upgrade the materials to more expensive ones. Furniture and tools inside the store should also be invested with the most modern things. Unlock cooking places to be able to make multiple meals in one turn. Avoid wasting customers’ time, if you leave the green column next to the customer, otherwise, people will leave.

Cooking Travel android

In addition to serving diners by level, players can complete daily tasks to earn more money. Pots, pots, and pans, if you can’t buy them, can participate in special levels. Maybe players will be given interesting rewards inside the gift box. Hundreds of levels are provided through the restaurant truck range. The diverse landscape also varies from region to region. The manufacturer also provides both day and night time for richer cooking. Download Cooking Travel mod to experience owning a mobile restaurant chain by truck.

Download Cooking Travel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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