City Smash v1.6 MOD APK (Skills No CD) Download

Excellent stress reliever with the job of destroying everything on this Earth, this will be the best game we offer you with interesting, entertaining missions. At this game, you will get the chance to break everything that appears in the game with the most striking effects. Players can use advanced nuclear weapons to apply for easier destruction, and players will witness multiple explosions to break buildings under the most significant physical impact.

City Smash


Maybe this is a must-play game for everyone as you can master the world and bring certain havoc to everything. With City Smash, you can relieve stress after a hard working day with fixed tasks in the game. It is known that smashing things can relieve the pressure in our lives. But you can’t do that with real-life because it will bring heavy consequences.

Therefore, we have designed this game to meet the needs of players, and especially, we have fixed it so that we do not make even the smallest mistakes. Players will be able to break many new spaces with many different terrains from the mainland to sea and island. Each attack launched at this time always shows the player’s hidden strength; it shows anger and hatred after each attack. And, of course, there is no shortage of weapon improvements – an essential factor that helps you break more buildings.

City Smash


It is known that City Smash is a simulation physics game that destroys everything that appears in the game. But with the strength of an ordinary person or mechanical equipment can not meet the needs of the player. Therefore, we have updated a variety of weapons and the number of up to 20 different types for players to experience freely. Each weapon has a different potential power, and you should remember, each turn can only apply a certain type of power.


Destroying things is really fun and exciting; every building in the game corresponds to the things that annoy you in real life, and you can destroy those things. In City Smash, the special thing that makes players feel excited is that you can change the battle background for yourself. The player is allowed to change the look and feel of the space by adding extra elements such as mountains. You are even allowed to change the weather to suit your mood.

City Smash


You can not imagine the destructive power of the weapons in the game. As each attack launched, it only took about 5 to 6 seconds to complete a large-scale collapse. Boom… A vast city has been destroyed at your hands, and it must be admitted that the power of everything is great. In one destruction, the player can apply a variety of weapons. Like how you use atomic bombs for quick destruction and “cosmic black holes” to clean up everything.


So many exciting things appear in this game, and of course, everything is made for you. When you can change many different types of cities to be able to enjoy the destructive power of the weapons offered in City Smash, a lavish city covered by night and splendid lights will be destroyed at your hands by various weapons.

City Smash

  • Various weapons can be used to destroy high-rise buildings in the city.
  • Change the terrain and destroy it all, changing even the types of cities you love most.
  • Apply effects that add scenes or transitions to make the city you destroy more vivid.
  • Each weapon will have more significant destructive power than ever; experience them all.
  • The time of the destruction was happening quickly, like the blink of an eye that destroyed a city.

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