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This is one of the most famous simulation games today on the topic of new exploration. Fictions this time will let you live your dream with your own hobby. This game will respect each of your own goals, opinions and you have the right to choose your own story. Everyone will decide everyone’s life, and this game is building on that. Discover and experience this uniqueness, choose for yourself a good life.

Fictions : Choose your emotions


When did you find the piece of your life? Do you have the desire to burn with your own passion? Those are the questions that always arise in this modern life. Fictions will give you a bunch of topics you want to choose from and move on with your story. Based on my own life experiences to carry out this series to the end, continue writing my life and chart out the next bold intentions.

Based on a collection of the world’s best stories, you choose for yourself a series. Creating some funny situations, for example, is also one of the exciting things. More interesting is that the story will stay in your orbit, and you can turn it to your liking. But there are also a few side situations that will lead you to get lost in different gameplay, thus adding to the uniqueness of the game.

Fictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotions


The interesting thing in Fictions this time is to follow the correct sequence of emotions, the development of your own story. The game expresses its own uniqueness in life as well as recreates the story of his life. Being immersed in your own story, maybe being happy with the person you love, or going through major life events. The game will take you from your personal adventures to the experiences the game offers.

Each re-enactment situation will gradually appear, and you have to confront the stories themselves because that is your own life. After all, the game is like a stepping stone for you to make stories in your own life, training yourself to be as clever as possible. Maybe the game will rely on that and give you helpful advice.


The game uses a lot of unique stories and novels around the world, with many different developments allowing players to experience the whole. Moreover, the game also uses many unique characters, unique exterior images that show the character of that story. You will take control of your own story, continue to write the next stories.

Fictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotions

Many different characters are also chosen by you and will have a certain role. Each character will contribute to making your story more unique and engaging. You can also create your own more interesting and romantic stories through the excellent suggestions of the game Fictions.

Here, Fictions, the game has allowed you to express your own story. The special thing is that from other people’s stories, you turn into expressing your own story. From there, you will write your own story. You will be immersed in the stories, transformed in each way of thinking. The game also has other unique features that make it more special and creative than ever.

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