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After stressful working days, you will want to find yourself travel. Visit beautiful places to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The best thing is that you get to go on a trip with good service quality. This will make you feel a lot happier than bad service. What if you were to run a resort service with full power in your hands? Come to My City: Boat Adventures to take on this job.

In educational games for children, My City: Boat Adventures deserves to be at the top. With gameplay that gives you a future direction. Make you have a more favorable view of this industry as well as create attractiveness. A game with a character designed in the form of a doll that makes it closer to young people. Playing and learning is the way our education has always been. Turning the travel industry into a new direction that people have to pursue. Deep lessons learned from the little things in the story of the game. Give wings to your children’s dreams for a better future.

My City Boat Adventures mod

Download My City: Boat Adventures – Go on a high-class yacht

You don’t need to be someone with a lot of experience in the travel industry. Now you can personally arrange the perfect travel for your clients. Serve them with the best service that you arrange and create color variations. These processes will all be managed by you and make the guests most satisfied. Arrange the employees in different positions during the journey. Go on exciting outings on the coolest locations. Get creative with unique and fun ways to play in My City: Boat Adventures. Bring your resort service to the top and make its name known to many people.

My City Boat Adventures mod apk

Preparing for the trip

Your trip must not lack the necessary items because that is extremely important. Please bring essentials such as clothes, shoes, personal belongings and others. If you lack, you can buy it at the store next to it for more completeness. When you find your money is not enough, you will have to go to an ATM to withdraw more. Just insert your card to be able to withdraw. Prepare everything carefully and arrive at the meeting place on time. If you are late, you may not be able to keep up with others and have to take another trip. This trip is your chance to discover new lands. Go to places of fun and entertainment that can put you at ease.

My City Boat Adventures mod download

Choose your favorite color

This is your city, your travel, so do whatever you want. If a cruise ship doesn’t suit your style, change its appearance. Choose from beautiful paint colors and textures to decorate your ship. Make it much more eye-catching than before with your talented hands. The tourists in the group are not dressed up to date, please change immediately. Choose from amazing outfits for them in the store for absolutely free prices. The interior of the ship that does not satisfy you can also be changed. Choose interiors with more upscale shapes and colors for yachts.

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Participating in leisure activities

Fun entertainment activities will be organized for visitors. Come to the dreamy island offshore with beautiful scenery and throbbing waves. You can experience water activities such as diving to discover coral. Find underwater treasures with jewels in sparkling chests. Lie down on the wave-filled beach with the warm and sunny sun shining on your shoulders. Watch the volcano erupt from afar without being affected. Join endless parties day and night on the island with stylish DJs and blazing bonfires there. Enjoy the unique dishes from the sea prepared by famous chefs that make you sob.

My City Boat Adventures mod free

Highly educational

This is a great choice for young children. Teach them orientation from a very early age with playful methods. Help children make their own decisions and set themselves on a path. Feel free to express your personality and do what you love the most. Not afraid to be embarrassed by the judgments around and be more confident in life. Have fun and be creative with thousands of exciting activities. Create an optimistic and loving lifestyle in the face of difficulties and challenges. Download My City: Boat Adventures mod and start boarding a high-class cruise ship. Go to new lands to enjoy and have fun.

Download My City: Boat Adventures APK for Android

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