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If you love manga, want to experience death stories in your favorite comic books, then coming to BLEACH Mobile 3D is the right choice. In this game, you can control famous characters that are faithfully recreated infamous series such as Zaraki… Join them in thrilling battles and adventures throughout the cold spaces that frequently appear in the series. Choose your hero and create the perfect army to fight the ferocious bosses in each war.

BLEACH Mobile 3D


As a fan of Japanese comics, you cannot ignore the fascinating detective stories or fierce competitions that often appear in the series. Come to BLEACH Mobile 3D to experience the fierce battles and death stories here. Control famous characters and overcome many arduous challenges with them, be it thrilling battles or adventurous.


Players officially perform missions when choosing the character they want to control, choose the challenge, and its difficulty. Nothing worth mentioning, but each challenge in BLEACH Mobile 3D offers a different difficulty, sometimes frustrating players. In adventures, you will use the map, rotate the screen, and explore that vast open world. Full of mysterious, dark, and dusty spaces that recreate the past and present…

BLEACH Mobile 3DBLEACH Mobile 3D


If you are also a great lover of manga, selecting a character to control during the game will be a piece of cake for you! In this game, each character is a classic character who has played a significant role in the series and has a unique charm to them. Please pick your favorite character and watch as their great power is unleashed in each game. Among those who possibly be involved are Uryu Ishida and Zaraki…


You will have to go through countless battles with many different levels, optionally, each level with a certain difficulty, depending on the strength and current skills that your character holds to choose the battles that match the strength. There is an essential feature in the wars in BLEACH Mobile 3D – creating a strong army. Create the perfect team if you want to gain the upper hand in battles, especially against bosses.


Many battles take place in this game, which means you have to go through many tough competitions. Take part in all organized wars no matter what the reward is. Even if the player loses, the player still gains experience in the battle and secretly learns tactics that many people cannot share. Please choose the appropriate game mode, especially multiplayer mode. Compete with warriors around the world to top the final leaderboard.

BLEACH Mobile 3DBLEACH Mobile 3D


You can choose to fight solo and assert yourself when you defeat your opponent. Upgrade yourself with certain items, and develop magical spells while challenging fierce bosses. If you pass the challenge of fighting bosses in each level of BLEACH Mobile 3D, you will be enrolled as historical warriors.


  • Real stories recreate famous manga series, control characters to overcome hundreds of challenges, be it battles or adventurous adventures.
  • Use an adventure map in the mysterious, dark, and dusty open world, dangerous spaces that recreate both the past and the present.
  • Pick your favorite characters from manga like Uryu Ishida, Zaraki, and more, all classic characters holding extraordinary powers.
  • Create the perfect army, especially the boss battles, experience the most exciting battle, and prevail in every match.
  • Join many competitive battles against many players around the world, upgrade yourself, and become a real death god.

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