Beat Wars Escalation Heroines v1.30.0 MOD APK (Dumb Enemy, Damage, Speed) Download

Beat Wars Escalation Heroines will be a game that can give its players the most emotional climax in the game. If you are looking for a unique erotic game combined with the role-playing game genre, this will be a game you should not miss. With this game, players will be able to participate in many different complex challenges and fight to the end to protect the beautiful Earth.


For games that want to give their players the most engaging opening, the plot will be a significant factor that needs to be taken care of. Understanding the nature of the problem, the game’s makers have also researched to develop their product a really compelling story right in the opening part. And Beat Wars Escalation Heroines will be started with a hazardous emergency with the Earth being invaded by a highly evil force called Aldark.

The power of this organization is so enormous that only organizations specializing in protecting the Earth can fight and hope to defeat them. And the organization in question is Die-Beat, with the beautiful and strong Escalation Heroines professionally trained to deal with difficulties and dangers. As the director of the organization, you will be the one holding power and the task of leading Heroines to fight and defeat evil to protect innocent people.


For any battle that happens, the heroes will need to have different ways to transfer energy, spirit, and strength to the highest level. In order for Escalation Heroines inside the organization to have the best power before starting battles, you will need to perform special tasks. And with Beat Wars Escalation Heroines, you will need to have sex with the heroines so that they can accumulate an abundant source of power and participate in the fight.

Not only that, but you will also be the one who can help the heroines raise their emotions through stories. And you also don’t need to be really afraid that the outcome of the battles is not as expected because the game has been designed for you with unique features. Regardless of whether your battle ends in victory or defeat, you will engage in different sex scenes according to the most suitable conditions.


After you have understood the game’s principles, the battles will be ready to begin immediately if you are ready for the game. With a game developed in the style of erotic play, you will not need to perform too many operations in combat missions. Battles will be played automatically, and All Escalation Heroines’ special partners will be attacked in turn. The fastest way for you to win is to reduce the enemy’s stamina for a specific time.

Besides, the game has also equipped you with many other features so that you can strengthen your heroes inside the battle. A novel system has been created that combines blocks to receive Enhancement Points to help strengthen the power of Escalation Heroines. You will find that the fighting ability of the heroines can be significantly increased if you can accumulate Breakthrough Points and perform a Limit Break.


The last feature that the game wishes to be able to perform at its best within your play is the game graphics. In order for a game to give its players a great feeling through the content it is conveyed, the graphics will need to be developed carefully. Especially with Beat Wars Escalation Heroines being an erotic game, the images created will bring a character that leads the player’s emotions to the highest.

All the images that you can experience inside your game will be brought to the highest quality. You will be able to participate in sexual challenges with the characters as if they were happening right in front of your eyes. The game will integrate within your gameplay a space designed to integrate 3D so that the visual experience will be brought with special depth.


  • The game is designed with a special combination of erotic and role-playing experiences that are highly realistic through the experience.
  • The game’s plot is opened from the very beginning with a really tense, engaging situation that draws players into their play.
  • The main task that players need to perform is sex to stimulate the power of the heroines before joining the battle.
  • The battles will be brought to the autoplay style, and the characters will be fought in turn for a certain time.
  • Whatever the outcome, the sex scenes will appear under the right conditions in the game.

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