Anti Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware v5.0.5 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

Anti Spy is developed with artificial intelligence (AI) technology along with an intelligent heuristic detection method specifically for Android devices. Protect users against malware against spyware applications. The application prioritizes real-time updates and protection so that users can monitor the status of their machines at any time. Set up automatic scanning and self-generating malware signatures in real-time to detect spyware and malware that are invading your device for timely resolution.

Anti Spy 4 Scanner & SpywareAnti Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware


Are you feeling that your device is being compromised, making the browsing process slow and abnormal? Anti Spy is a smart anti-spy app based on artificial intelligence technology that is all you need. The application also relies on Deep Detective technology that protects users against spyware attacks that are present in the application to steal information and slow down your browsing. With just one click, the application will show malicious applications immediately and help you to remove potential software.


Anti Spy will be an essential application for your device to help you get rid of spyware so that you are always safe. A quick one-button cleaner that protects the device from any malicious intrusion. In seconds, the app with intelligent algorithms quickly detects fraudulent entries and automatically generates real-time malware signatures protecting your device. Prevent hidden surveillance software, spyware viruses and help you remove them from the device. In addition, with the private scanner, you can stay anonymous at any time without being detected.


In addition to detecting new malware, the application also has trackers such as GPS, SMS, Spy against known software to help you remove malicious software that invades your device. Keep your device safe at all times. With an intelligent AI engine that helps you monitor the behavior of your processes and applications, you can monitor your device checks anytime, anywhere, making it easier for you to protect it. Real-time scanners with intelligent heuristic scanning methods also unidentified things are reported.

Anti Spy 4 Scanner & SpywareAnti Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware


  • Rapid detection of spyware, fraud elements, and protection against known malware.
  • Based on artificial intelligence technology, self-generating malware signatures, and intelligent heuristic detection method.
  • Prioritize real-time updates and protection to make it easier to track your device and remove spyware.
  • Set up automatic scanning for malware, tracking on GPS and SMS disable the application, and detecting hidden spies.
  • Anti-malware detects spyware inside the application that destroys your phone’s protection device.

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