Angry Birds Kingdom v0.3.3 MOD APK (Damage/Defense, Always Critical) Download

Angry Birds Kingdom

The egg-stealing Piggy Sheriff just can’t help himself; he’s too greedy to stay away from them! It is up to Red and his band of Angry Birds to engage in combat with those green thugs, recover the eggs, and ensure the survival of birdkind. Fight your way through waves of foes in intense combat in order to collect rewards and build the best Bird Kingdom possible. The winner gets to keep the eggs!

Angry Birds Kingdom Mod APK Game Features

  • Fight against the pigs that are stealing your eggs as you make your way through the stages in skirmishes that last only ten to fifteen seconds each.
  • During combat, use the powerful slingshot to launch your birds, and then stand back and watch everything explode.
  • Build and grow your bird kingdom using the spoils of warfare, improve your structures, personalize your country, and do much more.
  • Acquire a formidable flock of your preferred Angry Birds characters, such as Red, Chuck, or Bomb, and then set out on perilous journeys to collect a plethora of valuable gifts.
  • As you progress through the levels deep within piggy territory, you will have opportunities to level up your birds and use strong boost combinations.
  • Red invites you to join him on a whole new and exciting adventure as he takes on the piggy sheriff and his terrible egg tax in Birdwood Forest.
  • Real-time battle requires you to relocate your flock strategically in order to avoid attacks from the pigs or to set your bird in the optimal position for a well timed special attack.

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