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Nobodies: After Death opens an assassination adventure and is carefully hidden from view. The horrifying cases left no trace after being cleaned up. Even the police who came to investigate could not get any information about the topic. What did the game do to make murders so hard to exploit? And you are part of Nobodies: After Death, covering up the evidence belonging to the case your organization caused. You play as a member of the intelligence agency, your task is to clean up things related to the murder. Erase all traces, don’t let anyone find out that you will succeed.

Cases in succession, gore or death scenes all appear. You are like an invisible person who may have caused a crime but must show that you have never seen or done anything related. You disappear from assassination attempts, leaving without leaving a trace. Players solve puzzles to prove you’ve never been to the crime scene. In addition to cleaning up the evidence, you also help the agency destroy your dissidents. They make it difficult for you to do quests, so give them a chance to no longer appear. The agents will take place challenging and do well to receive rewards.

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Download Nobodies: After Death mod – destroy evidence for assassination attempts

The activities where you work are very mysterious and have never been revealed. You need to maintain confidentiality and do whatever it takes to keep your agency clean. I discovered even with the smallest detail, the work will be stopped immediately. Your task is to solve the puzzle and rearrange everything as it was if there was an assassination attempt. All concealment must be carefully calculated and cannot work spontaneously. The police can visit the scene and be careful what bad things can happen. Use intelligence, and overview to reset everything to its original, never-before-seen.

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Hide evidence and escape

The main task in Nobodies: After Death is to erase all traces of the case. The assassinations are elaborately set up, the plots are used flexibly. It would help if you captured the case and carried out the mission of concealment, leaving nothing behind at the scene. Players use assistive devices to complete challenges more quickly. Each agent is equipped with different items such as money, keys, household items… Even the most minor, familiar things will help you, make use of them properly. After arranging everything as if there was no case, quickly escape. If you hesitate any longer, it is understandable to leave the game.

Nobodies After Death mod

Face hundreds of puzzles

Each time you do a secret mission, you are challenged with a different puzzle. Successful decoding also partly helps the case be cleared faster and greatly benefits from the mysteries. From simple to complex, diverse puzzles go up with each level you achieve. Challenging problems, horrifying cases waiting for you to solve, how will you behave? Deciphering the numbers puzzle can be the most difficult of all the challenges. At this time, it takes your intelligence and good intellect to solve the problem and unlock it. Unique quizzes ever, the number of questions surpasses your imagination will provide a great experience.

Nobodies After Death mod apk

Carry out missions on all fronts

Nobodies: After Death allows you to choose where you take the challenge. Players can choose locations such as the airport, the restaurant, the road under construction… Each case you will approach in many different directions, depending on your choice. Sometimes there is only one solution, deviating from the original rule can cause you to fail. But with creativity, your intelligence will turn the situation around, it is impossible to know in advance. Either way, you need to do your job well. Your journey of discovery is yours to choose. Where you go is always challenging.

Nobodies After Death apk

When participating, players follow the fascinating storyline that Nobodies: After Death has built. The circumstances are subtly arranged, you will be swept away by them. Players must ensure that all cases are cleaned up after each death. Characters are destroyed in many different ways; you also need various ways to hide. The tricks cannot be repeated; if so, it is easy to detect. Just use items that combine logical thinking to bypass the police quickly. Download Nobodies: After Death, the mod deletes evidence related to the case and flees before the police arrive.

Download Nobodies: After Death MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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