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Hero Rush: Adventure RPG is a colourful fantasy action game based on an adventure through a fantasy world. The story begins at a small pub in the city. When the young boys and girls thirst to fight, to participate in the fierce battles out there. Newness is always a factor that attracts young people who love to explore and find the truth. A team is full of all hero classes. Explore new lands, participate in epic battles, and get powerful weapons and armour. Come up with strategies that give you an edge over your competition. Meet beautiful creatures living in the fairy world and make new friends.

Expect great locations, funny characters, and exciting adventures. Choose the right hero of your choice, and join a fantasy kingdom. Here it would be best if you fought monsters and acquired new skills and armour. As a level game, players fight continuously. After filling a unit on the energy bar at the top corner of the screen, the player will automatically move to the next level. This energy bar represents 20 levels at a time; to the last level, the player must deal with boss monsters. To complete a group, it is necessary to destroy all monsters and pass the challenge.

Hero Rush Adventure RPG android

Download Hero Rush: Adventure RPG mod – Explore a new world that comes from a small pub.

The game follows a vertical screen; a virtual key is in the bottom corner. This virtual key integrates moving the character and attacking the enemy in front. Move in a way that both dodges the enemy’s attack and attacks them back. When the monster is about to attack you, a circle of energy appears at their feet. Every time a monster falls, it will disappear and replace it with a reward for the player. It could be purple quartz stones, gold coins or tokens. Players collect this chance card to claim new exciting skills in the game.

Hero Rush Adventure RPG apk

Hero Selection

Hero Rush: Adventure RPG offers an arsenal of heroes with potent shooting abilities. After winning several levels, players can unlock new heroes. You can choose the character you want to bring into the battle when you own more than two heroes. An adept warrior with white hair and a beard, his weapon is a dagger. Or the archer girl with the green outfit, her hair tied in a ponytail. There is also an Aboriginal girl who uses a pestle as a weapon and wears a bracelet plaited from leaves on her head. You can choose to bring many other exciting heroes into the battle.

Hero Rush Adventure RPG mod apk

Hero personalization

When you already own a particular hero, you fear them to be the same as other players in the war. Do not worry, the game provides the function of changing and retrofitting the character. This makes your character not unique but also more robust regarding stats. The flashy armour sets, the more sophisticated, the more power. Upgrade these skins so they can increase their stats. You can turn your character into five stars from a hero with only one star. Once you’ve become a legend, one of your attacks will also overwhelm your enemies. Some monsters even die with just one turn of your attack.

Hero Rush Adventure RPG mod

Improve skills

As is known in the war, you can collect the chance cards if you kill the character. This life-changing ticket makes you more robust in terms of skills. Because it can give you new moves, and powerful skill elements, only one arrow can be fired from the bow at a time. You can get a bow that can shoot two to three pointers in one attack. This increases your chances of hitting the enemy. In addition, there are skills to support players in the battle. Quantities are limited, so each can only be used once—the energy ball of ice, fire or the beast’s roar.

After passing a level unit, you can unlock more new lands. Expand your knowledge of the lands in the game. In addition, the accompanying challenges at each level also make you pay attention. Wooden spikes were erected, and crossbars blocked the road. Or deep water holes, gears moving back and forth. They are built to hinder you on your way to discovery. Download Hero Rush: Adventure RPG mod that opens new lands and destroys all the monsters here.

Download Hero Rush: Adventure RPG MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android

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