Action Squad MOD APK 1.2.3 (Menu, Many stars/Unlimited ammo)

Door Kickers: Action Squad recreates the action, intense battle between you and the bad guys in Nowhere City USA. You are sent there to destroy the raging bad guys, messing up the whole town. Their army is powerful, significant, and has many modern weapons. You and your teammates move to this land to perform the mission rescue people who are being kidnapped. Players carry out missions in long rooms, floor by floor from top to bottom. Each person ambushes a place, moving down or up if necessary. Your team participates enthusiastically and fights vigorously, but it needs to ensure life safety.

In Door Kickers: Action Squad requires teamwork; players must unite and work together to eradicate the enemy. Enemy troops are everywhere; every space has their faces, and seeing them means you have to shoot them a few times. Weapons equipped for you are very modern, advanced and diverse types for you to choose from. You master your guns, hold them in your hands, and aim and shoot accurately. The sound of gunfire rang out continuously, lasting throughout the match until you lay down. It would help if you always observed your surroundings because bad names may appear unexpectedly, making you unable to react.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad mod – destroy bad guys and rescue people

A sacred mission, a vital plan, was created in the game. When you officially join, you need to perform that agent. Difficulties, hardships, or dangers are all things you are about to taste. You are a soldier, ready to go to the field and gain independence for everyone. The bad guys prevent you from becoming a great hero; they fiercely attack your army. What strategy will you come up with for their evil schemes? Use specialised weapons, tanks, planes or anything you can bring to the battlefield. Choose the opportunity, raise the squad and shoot right away!

Door Kickers Action Squad apk free

Fierce battles

The main task in Door Kickers: Action Squad is to destroy enemies; bullets fly around this small neighbourhood. The forces of both sides are equally talented; neither side wants to suffer losses. They attack a friend who must counterattack ten times to destroy them. The level increases every day, and the number of enemies increases, but your army remains the same. Therefore, there is a specific strategy to help you coordinate well to create victory. Door Kickers: Action Squad gives you 84 levels, from easy to complex; players experience many different emotions through each play. Enjoy the moment of dramatic action, and don’t forget to fulfil your duty as a hero!

Door Kickers Action Squad apk

A diverse collection of weapons and items

Having gone to the battlefield, indispensable tools are weapons and remote support. Players can discover more than 60 types of weapons, along with many other modern items. When going to war with the enemy, you need to keep your distance so that your gun can work at its full potential. You master the weapon you have, conserving energy to prolong the battle as much as possible. Players can level up their power by purchasing health packs or unleashing energy independently. The dark rooms hide many exciting things you need to conquer and unlock successfully. The more places you infiltrate, the more points you earn, which accumulate in exchange for the ultimate weapon.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod apk

Team strength

In Door Kickers: Action Squad allows six players to play together on the screen. It is the perfect combination of teammates fighting and protecting each other. You can play with your friends, each with their unique powers that will do extraordinary things. You need to face more than 20 types of enemies directly; they are equally cunning and dangerous. If you are just negligent or subjective, they will act immediately when the opportunity arises. You need to complete four big missions to destroy the reactionaries and successfully rescue those trapped. Unity is the key to mastering battles and winning.

Door Kickers Action Squad android

Dramatic, intense and highly damaging battles for the participants. But it will appeal to those passionate about acting and who want to demonstrate their ability to play with guns. As a soldier, you always fight hard, stay resilient and are ready to die when your name is called. You carry with you noble responsibilities and essential execution tasks. Join the team leaders to create significant events and make your name on the battlefield. With the efforts you have put in, the innovative strategy will be worthy of recognition. Download Door Kickers: Action Squad mod to destroy the bad guys, repeat the peace for the USA city.

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK (Menu, Many stars/Unlimited ammo) for Android

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